My new book, Enterprise Mobility Management: Everything you need to know about MDM, MAM, and BYOD!

I've very happy to announce that my new book, Enterprise Mobility Management: Everything you need to know about MDM, MAM, and BYOD, is available today. This book is an in-depth examination and overview of the mobility topics I write about here at BrianMadden.

I’ve very happy to announce that my new book, Enterprise Mobility Management: Everything you need to know about MDM, MAM, and BYOD, is available today. This book is an in-depth examination and overview of the mobility topics I write about here at

If you need to figure out mobility, your first step should be to read this book!

This book is available now for $9.99 on Amazon Kindle (if you don’t have a Kindle, remember you can still read it on a mobile device or computer), and I’ll have physical copies available towards the end of July.

How this book came to be

I’ve been completely dedicated to covering enterprise mobility management about a year and a half now. One of the things that I quickly realized was that since so much of this technology is so new, it’s hard to find a lot of good background information about it all in one place. As a result, I decided to gather everything I learned into this book.

This book gives a foundation in mobile device management, mobile app management, and bring your own device, plus all the other related concepts: file syncing, app wrapping, mobile information management, SDKs, COPE, app signing, iOS, Android, mobile virtualization, dual persona, app stores, and so on.

This book is for anybody who wants to know how any of these new technologies actually work. It’s for companies that have been content with BlackBerry and BES for a decade and now have to figure out how to work with iOS and Android. And it’s for desktop admins and architects who are now tasked with delivering applications and data to new platforms.

I want to give a shout out and huge thank you to the people who reviewed early drafts of this book and provided me with valuable and insightful feedback. And of course a big thanks also goes to Brian and Gabe for providing so much help and encouragement along the way. Brian also edited the book and wrote the foreword.

I'm super excited to share this book with the world, and I hope you enjoy it!

A note about iOS 7

One final quick note: As you already know, Apple announced a new version of iOS a couple of weeks ago. Without a doubt, iOS 7 will bring significant changes for the enterprise. However, the beta version of iOS 7 and most of the details are only available to registered iOS developers and are subject to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). This book includes information about everything that Apple has discussed publicly so far, but otherwise I didn’t go into too much wild speculation about features for which we have fewer details.

Once iOS 7 is released and the NDA is lifted, I’ll publish an updated version of the book. If you purchase the Amazon Kindle edition, the update will be available automatically, free of charge. In the meantime, you can keep up with the latest iOS 7 news here on the blog or by following me on Twitter @JackMadden.

Keep in mind that even with the potential changes, it will still be the same iOS as before and everything you read here will still apply. So you don’t have to wait until iOS 7 is released to read this book—it will be just a few pages’ worth of new material.

Tabe of Contents

Foreword by Brian Madden
1. The Mobile World
The Seven Universal Truths of Enterprise Mobility in 2013
What Else Will This Book Cover?
2. How Our Present Mobile Landscape Came to Be
Enterprise Mobility Before the iPhone
Enter the iPhone and Android
A Guided History of Management Features in iOS and Android
Results of the MDM Revolution
3. Understanding iOS and Android (From the Enterprise Perspective)
All About iOS and Android Operating Systems
Mobile App Distribution
4. Understanding Mobile Device Management
MDM Concepts
Exchange ActiveSync as MDM
MDM for iOS
MDM for Android
5. The Reality of Mobile Device Management
The Reality of MDM for End Users
The Reality of MDM for IT
Where MDM Works Well
The Next Step Beyond MDM: Dual Persona
6. Early Attempts at “Solving” Mobility and Providing Dual Persona
Delivering Windows Apps and Desktops to Mobile devices via Remote Computing
Web Apps and HTML5
Mobile Virtualization
Conclusion: There Must Be Another Way
7. Mobile App Management
App Stores and MDM as MAM
Mobile App Management Concepts
Techniques For Creating Apps That Work With MAM
8. The Core Apps for MAM: Email Clients, Mobile File Syncing, and Managed Browsers
Mobile Email Clients
Mobile File Syncing
Secure Mobile Browsers
9. Building a Corporate Ecosystem and Enabling Dual Persona
Bringing All of Your Managed Apps Together
How Are We Supposed to Get All of These Apps?
10. Dealing with BYOD
What Is BYOD Really?
Can You Save Money with BYOD?
Working With Personal “Consumer” Devices
Why BYOD Ultimately Doesn’t Matter
11. Putting it All Together: Deployment Considerations for EMM
Deployment Variables
Example Deployment Scenarios
Deployment Considerations
Dealing With the Continuing Effects of Consumerization
12. The Future of Enterprise Mobility Management
How the Current Framework Could Mature
Moving Beyond Our Current Framework to Mobile Information Management

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Congratulations Jack, I'm looking forward to it!


I want to throw my congrats out there to Jack as well. Him writing this book is kind of like how I wrote my first Citrix book back in the day.. as he's learning it and talking to more and more people, we just kept thinking, "I can't believe there aren't any books out there on this!!"

Jack started writing this thing in August.. so what's that.. 10 months? Crazy.

I can tell you that everything I know about EMM, MDM, MAM, and BYOD I got from this book. I helped him edit it and craft the "story arch" of the book, so I got to read the whole thing in various incarnations 3 or 4 times.

Bottom line, though.. this book is going to be huge. It's really, really awesome. And only 48k words. (We spend a lot of time focusing on what to cut to keep this book tight. You can get Jack's 18 months of full-time research in 2 or 3 hours.. for ten bucks!)

So check it out.. you won't be disappointed. Paperbacks will come out in time for BriForum btw.


Any chance an Audible audiobook is in the works? =)