MobileIron pulled some custom queries out of their security report for me—Here’s what I learned

There’s no better way to learn about what’s going on than actual metrics and telemetry.

Here at, we’re pretty selective about what reports and studies we cover. Surveys can be problematic, and we want to stay away from anything that’s just marketing copy. However, I always like to take a look at anything that’s based on actual hard data that comes from customer analytics.

MobileIron released some analytics recently in their Security and Risk Review report. Here are a few highlights, with my own commentary:

  • 55% of companies are backing up their EMM policies with enforcement actions.
  • 11% of companies had at least one compromised (jailbroken or rooted) device in Q4. But considering that most companies have thousands of devices, the fact that 89% of them apparently don’t even have a single compromised device in Q4 seems pretty darn impressive. (However, 44% of companies had at least one missing device.)
  • Globally, Apple VPP adoption is at 18%, and DEP is at 13%.
  • 79% of companies have 10 or more apps installed.

You can head to their full report for more stats, as well as geographic and industry breakdowns (registration is required to download).

I asked MobileIron to pull some custom queries out of the data, so here are a few more stats you won’t find in the published version:

First, I asked about common configurations and policies:

  • 91% are using email configuration and security
  • 78%  are using app management
  • 52% using the Wi-Fi configuration
  • 32% are using VPN configuration

Digging deeper into apps, 65% of companies are using in-house apps. They listed the top 10 managed public apps, but what about the next 40? The mixture was a range of the expected productivity, VPN, communications, and EFSS apps.

The published report said that the rate of mobile anti malware usage was less than 5%, and it turns out that the actual number is 0.6% globally. This is food for thought—it feels like mobile anti malware is getting more attention these days, but we’re still a long way from consensus.

Looking at the rate of iOS and Android usage, they said it didn’t change much from their previous report, when it was at 81% iOS and 18% Android globally.

Thanks to MobileIron for pulling these extra queries.

Along these lines, I also have some custom queries coming from Okta’s Businesses @ Work report, and I recently learned about IBM Maas360 Mobile Metrics, a benchmarking tool built into MaaS360.

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