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This article was our "Live Stream" of all the EMM-related announcements from Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Now that it's over, head over to our Mobile World Congress recap for a complete list of announcements, videos, and articles.

This article was our "Live Stream" of all the EMM-related announcements from Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Now that it's over, head over to our Mobile World Congress recap for a complete list of announcements, videos, and articles.


Mobile World Congress is taking place this week in Barcelona. This huge conference covers absolutely everything related to mobility, and among the nearly 2000 exhibitors are just about every enterprise mobility management vendor you can think of.

Our video producer Justin Meisinger is onsite in Barcelona to collect demos and videos, and I'll be providing our usual commentary and articles. This page will be updated throughout the week of the show as a sort of "live stream" of EMM announcements and links to videos and articles, so be sure to check back in or follow my Twitter feed for updates.

(This page is in reverse chronological order. Last updated at 12:00pm EST, Thursday, March 5.)

Day 2 - Tuesday, March 3

AirWatch ACE
AirWatch announced ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise), a program that encourages the use of device-based mobile app management, in partnership with founding sponsors Box, Cisco, Workday, and Xamarin. For more, see

Globo (Video)
Globo announced that the newest version of their mobile app development platform, Go!AppZone, is now FIPS 140-2 certified.

Day 1 - Monday, March 2

Samsung detailed new features of Knox 2.4 in a blog post. Several EMM vendors are already giving live demos of Knox 2.4 in action.

StarMobile (Video)
App transformation startup StarMobile has announced a partnership with AirWatch. We've been saying for a while now that desktop virtualization vendors need to get closer to app transformation vendors, so this is a step in the right direction.

Google confirms that it will act as a mobile virtual network operator. (No press release—Sundar Pichai mentioned it in a keynote that was covered by various tech media outlets.) While this was getting a lot of attention on Monday, there's no readily-apparent enterprise angle.

IBM announced another round of MobileFirst apps for iOS.

BlackBerry BES12 Cloud
BlackBerry made several more announcements today, including a cloud-based version of BES12, their cross-platform EMM suite, and partnerships for monitoring BES12. The rest were smaller, mostly regarding partnerships with carriers and application providers.

Day 0 - Sunday, March 1

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge release event
The new phones and Samsung Pay are making making a big splash, but the big part for EMM was that Samsung spent a solid couple of minutes talking about Knox and enterprise security and management.

Samsung and BlackBerry
Together, Samsung and BlackBerry announced that two BlackBerry products, WorkLife and SecuSUITE, will be coming to Knox. WorkLife is billing service that can provide split work and personal billing for voice, texting, and data. SecuSUITE is an encrypted voice, sms, email, and browsing solution.

Separately, BlackBerry announced new BBM features and the BlackBerry Experience Suite, a cross-platform collection of apps and services for productivity, communication, collaboration, and security.

Good Technology (Video)
Good announced the next version of Good Work, their next-generation email client that supersedes Good for Enterprise. It will have a new app launcher/navigation/dashboard overlay (which looks pretty cool). The Good Dynamics platform will get support for TouchID integration and Android Wear watches and other devices.

Pre-Mobile World Congress Announcements

Android for Work
On Thursday, February 28, Google "announced" Android for Work. There weren't many surprises, but many Android for Work partners (including several EMM vendors) made formal announcements about their support for the initiative. What we did learn is that apparently Knox didn't make it into the final version of Android for Work. If you want to catch up on as much as we do know about Android for Work right now, check out MobileIron's white paper—it has pretty all the publicly available details at this point, and it's almost entirely vendor neutral, so it's useful even if you aren't one of their customers. Current EMM partners include AirWatch, BlackBerry, Citrix, Google Apps for Work, IBM, MobileIron, SAP, and Soti.

AirWatch 8
On Wednesday, February 25, AirWatch announced the next set of major updates to their platform. There's a long list of new features and partnership include Apple TouchID integration and the ability to manage Google Chrome OS.

Background information

Samsung Knox
Samsung made a big move at the last two editions of Mobile World Congress by announcing its Knox work and personal data separation technology in 2013, then by announcing an improved version of Knox and new EMM and identity management service in 2014. But a lot has changed in the past year, so we're not sure what to expect this time around. Android for Work was announced, and initially it was said to have been based on Knox, but now apparently it's not. (Or maybe it still is in some way. Like I said, we're waiting to find out more.) In the mean time, Samsung also announced a strategic partnership with BlackBerry. Samsung has an enterprise showcase event scheduled for Wednesday during the show, so stay tuned for more potential details.

Android for Work
After years of fragmentation and minimal MDM capabilities, the Android for Work was announced last summer, finally bringing enhanced MDM, MAM, and work and personal data separation to all Android devices.

General themes for 2015
While Samsung may have taken away the biggest headlines over the last few years of Mobile World Congress, there are many other stories we're following closely this year. Besides Android Work, these also include the rise of Microsoft's enterprise mobility efforts, new EMM technologies including virtual mobile infrastructure, and most importantly, the immense surge of interest in enterprise mobile apps.

EMM basics
If you're not quite familiar with the current state of the EMM industry, check out my introductory article from last fall. If you want to dig a little deeper on iOS, Android, Knox, and other EMM technologies, check out this recent resource guide.

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