Mobile World Congress 2015 recap: All the announcements, videos, and coverage you may have missed.

Mobile World Congress wrapped up yesterday in Barcelona, and we spent the week tracking all the enterprise-related news that came out of it. There's no doubt the biggest buzz was around Android for Work.

Mobile World Congress wrapped up yesterday in Barcelona, and we spent the week tracking all the enterprise-related news that came out of it.

There's no doubt the biggest buzz was around Android for Work. And while there weren't many other major surprises at the show, there were certainly plenty of other announcements worth noting.

Another great thing about Mobile World Congress is that because of its sheer size, it gives us the opportunity to meet and hear from vendors that we haven't had time to cover in the past, so there are a few new names in this list.

Without farther ado, here's everything that we took out of Mobile World Congress (in alphabetical order). A huge thanks to everybody who everybody who recorded video with us!

AirWatch (Video) (ACE video)
AirWatch was of course highlighting their support for Android for Work and Samsung Knox 2.4, but in addition they were showing off a large round of updates that came with AirWatch 8 as well as a new mobile app management initiative called App Configuration for Enterprise (ACE). You can read more about ACE and see a video at What is the AirWatch App Configuration for Enterprise initiative, and will it actually ease the pain of managing mobile apps?

Android for Work
Android for Work was launched the week before Mobile World Congress. We didn't learn too many new details except that apparently it doesn't depend on Samsung Knox, as was previously announced. Partner EMM vendors are now free to discuss and promote Android for Work.

Appthority (Video)
We recorded a quick check-in with Appthority, which provides an app reputation service. 

BlackBerry announced the cloud version of BES12; partnerships with monitoring vendors; other ISV and carrier partnerships; new BBM features; and new bundle of existing apps and services called the BlackBerry Experience Suite. As part of their previously announced partnership with Samsung Knox, BlackBerry announced that two products, WorkLife and SecuSUITE, would be coming to Knox devices.

Cellrox (Video)
Cellrox gave a quick demo of their mobile virtualization platform. 

Centrify (Video)
The Samsung Knox EMM platform is powered by Centrify; at Mobile World Congress Centrify showed off some of the Knox 2.4 features as well as their own identity management capabilities.

Citrix (Video)
Citrix showed off XenMobile and Worx Home running on Android for Work.

FancyFon (Video)
FancyFon is an Ireland- and Poland-based EMM vendor that has a bigger presence in Europe than in the US.

Globo (Video)
Globo announced updates to their EMM platform, and that all apps built on the newest version of their mobile app development platform can be FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Good Technology (Video)
Good announced a new app launcher interface for Good Work, Apple TouchID support, and support for wearable devices.

Graphite Software (Video)
Graphite is the maker of Secure Spaces, a mobile virtualization product that's now available in the Silent Circle Blackphone. Now that Android for Work brings work and personal data separation to all Android devices, Graphite explained how mobile virtualization vendors can continue to differentiate themselves.

Hypori (Video)
Justin Marston, the CEO and co-founder of Hypori, gave us a live demo of their virtual mobile infrastructure product. 

IBM announced another round of MobileFirst apps.

Lacoon (Video)
Lacoon introduced us to their enterprise mobile security products.

LANDesk (Video)
You may know LANDesk for their traditional desktop and systems management products, but they also have a suite of enterprise mobility management products.

McAfee (Video)
McAfee showed us the latest updates to their consumer mobile security app. 

Microsoft (Windows 10 video) (Intune video)
Microsoft demonstrated Windows 10 on a phone and Intune managing Windows Phone 8.1.

MobileIron (Video)
MobileIron shared their various options for Android in the enterprise; they also have some great Android for Work resources

Mocana (Video)
Mocana provides the mobile app management capabilities for SAP's mobile efforts.

Going into the show, we weren't sure what to expect from Samsung this year. Just a few days before it began, we learned that Android for Work apparently did not end up being based on Samsung Knox, contrary to what we were told last year. Samsung did confirm new features in Knox 2.4, however, and several EMM vendors have already announced and demonstrated support.

SOTI (Video)
SOTI demonstrated their MobiControl EMM platform, which includes support for Android for Work. 

StarMobile (Video)
StarMobile is in app transformation vendor that recently announced a partnership with AirWatch. We've been saying for a while now that desktop virtualization vendors need to get closer with app transformation vendors (or start making some acquisitions) so this is a good step.

Symantec (Video)
Symantec shared the latest updates to their EMM platform and Norton App Advisor.

Tangoe (Video)
Tango introduced us to their EMM, expense managment, and managed mobility services offerings.

Veracode (Video)
Veracode is a mobile security vendor that's been coming up a lot recently. This video includes a demo of their app reputation service scanning the Mobile World Congress app.

Zimperium (Video)
Zimperium happens to be new to us, but it looks pretty interesting. In this video, they show off the ability to turn off the wifi on an iOS device to avoid a man-in-the-middle attack.

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