Mobile World Congress 2014 continues in Barcelona with more EMM awesomeness! (Day 2 update)

Mobile World Congress is going on in Barcelona this week. This 75,000-person, 1,700-exhibitor show covers all aspects of all aspects of mobility, from carriers and telco networking to hardware vendors.

Mobile World Congress is going on in Barcelona this week. This 75,000-person, 1,700-exhibitor show covers all aspects of all aspects of mobility, from carriers and telco networking to hardware vendors. Of course the EMM space is covered at the show, too, with just about every single vendor you've ever heard of here in Barcelona this week. I'm here to cover the show live.

Over the next day or two there should be a steady stream of EMM announcements—remember that last year this was where we first heard about Samsung Knox. I'll post a few recaps of the announcements early in the week, and then as time goes by follow up with more in-depth analysis and videos. With dozens of relevant vendors here, there should be plenty to talk about. (And even though we're not usually hardware people, there's a lot of that to look at as well. A new Samsung Galaxy and a possible Nokia Android phone are expected to be announced today, plus there are other platforms on display, like the Firefox phone.

Day 0 (Sunday, February 23)

One of the first pieces of news already came out on Sunday: Good Technology, makers of the Good for Enterprise secure email apps and the Good Dynamics mobile app management suite announced that it is acquiring BoxTone, a mobile service management vendor.

Day 1 (Monday, February 24)

Today CA Technologies announced that they will be entering the EMM space with a range of products. They've had MDM since last year (built on code they licensed from SAP Afaria), and now they're adding mobile app management, mobile file sync and share, and an email DLP and encryption product.

Executives at Fiberlink and IBM have been highlighting a range of recent updates to MaaS360. These include a new email app for Windows Phone, improved file syncing, document editing capabilities, and the ability to deploy deploy apps to unmanaged devices.

I spoke to Omer Eiferman of Cellrox, and while they haven't made any official announcements, he told me that they have several clients that include Fortune 100 companies are using Cellrox's dual-persona technology on Google Nexus tablets and phones. This is pretty exciting for them, as it's the first time Cellrox is being used out in the wild.

Citrix announced that XenMobile will support Samsung Knox and Intel Android devices.

AirWatch announced that they'll support Intel Android devices and that their acquisition by VMware was officially completed.

Samsung of course announced the Galaxy S5 Monday night, but all of the new Knox announcements are being held until Tuesday.

Day 2 (Tuesday, February 25)

Samsung launched two enterprise products at a special event Tuesday night: Knox 2.0 and Knox EMM. Knox 2.0 is the updated version of the Knox Android dual-persona mobile app management framework that was launched last year, and includes a significant change to the underlying architecture of the product. (While the previous version of Knox was essentially based on app wrapping, Knox 2.0 takes advantage of Android's multi-user features to provide multiple user spaces.) Knox EMM is a cloud-based mobile device management product aimed at the SMB market. It will be able to manage Knox devices and containers, other Samsung devices, Android devices in general, and iOS devices.

BlackBerry announced BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12, which will manage older BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry 10 devices, iOS, Android, mobile apps, and now Windows Phone, all in one platform.

Fiberlink announced that MaaS360 will be available for on-premises deployments. (For years, MaaS360 was a cloud-only product.)

Cellrox announced that its dual-persona technology has been incorporated into a device called the YotaPhone.

Good Technology will partner with Samsung to provide Good for Enterprise and Good Dynamics on Knox devices.

Globo, the MAM vendor that last year acquired MDM vendor Notify, announced Go!AppZone, a suite of products designed to easily mobilize existing enterprise applications.

Intel is showing off a lot of Android devices, which include set of mobile device management extensions called Intel Device Protection Technology.

Stay tuned for more. We'll have Justin on-site so we can grab video demos of all these new products, and we'll have in-depth analysis of the more significant announcements. I'll also be covering the show on Twitter, and you can follow me @JackMadden.

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