Microsoft purchases virtualization management company Kidaro

From an article on CNET: In its latest move into virtualization, Microsoft said on Wednesday that it has bought Kidaro, a company that helps businesses manage their collection of virtual machines.

From an article on CNET :

In its latest move into virtualization, Microsoft said on Wednesday that it has bought Kidaro, a company that helps businesses manage their collection of virtual machines.

Microsoft said the technology will make it easier for businesses to manage application compatibility challenges, ultimately spurring faster Vista adoption as well as broadening the use of virtual machines within corporations.

"The challenge we have with Virtual PC today is it doesn't have enterprise-level management and deployment with it and the user experience could be improved," said Gavriella Schuster, a senior director in Microsoft's Windows unit. Schuster said that Kidaro's technology helps on both scores. In addition to tools for setting up and managing virtual machines, Kidaro has technology that makes virtual machines less jarring for users, making them appear to be part of the standard desktop. (Parallels has a similar feature in its Windows-on-Mac virtualization product)

Kidaro's technology will be added to a future version of the company's awkwardly named Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack. The collection of tools is sold as an add-on to Microsoft's Software Assurance program for volume license customers. Other things in the collection include an application virtualization technology known as SoftGrid and asset management tools that stem from Microsoft's AssetMetrix acquisition.

Schuster said that Microsoft won't know exactly how long it will take to add in Kidaro's product to MDOP until it has a look at the code. "We hope that it's certainly less than a year," she said, adding that Microsoft aims to have a more concrete time frame by its Management Summit next month.

While perhaps not a mainstream way for businesses to move to Vista, Schuster said Microsoft thinks some companies will find it more palatable with Kidaro's tools to run older, Vista incompatible applications via a Windows XP virtual machine.

"We do see that as a pretty significant option for a lot of our customers," she said.

I assume that this is for applications that cannot be sequenced or packaged by the SoftGrid component of the Desktop Optimization pack. If that's the case, I can think of a few places that could use this technology.  Still, I wonder what the purchase price was, because this seems to me like something Microsoft could have easily made in-house.  Maybe it was a steal.

The real question is this: Will it help your company choose to migrate to Vista any sooner than it has to?  

Probably not.

Is anyone's company 100% (or 90%, or 80%) Vista yet?  I switched to Mac just so I didn't have to run Vista.  You could say our company is 50% OS X right now!

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Brian, any way you could tell us more about Kidaro? what exactly is this product?
Yeah.. this article was written by Gabe, since this news broke when I was in class today. So thanks Gabe for the quick bit! I'm familiar with Kidaro and will write a more in-depth piece tonight.

Real question is how much will MS slow them down. They had a really good policy mgmt engine that ACE lacked. Guess it's curtains for MAC support for Kidaro, unless parallels becomes a play.

For those who don't know, Kidaro is what ACE is trying to be for Enterprises.

Is KIdaro a VDI product like xen desktop and VMW VDM??
no its client hosted desktop virtualization.  So no infrastructure build out needed behind the fw.  The corporate workspace (OS, data, tools, vpn) are all put into a virtual wrapper, encrypted, and then run on a std virtual engine (either VPC or VMWare player) and delivered to end points via USB, DVD or web.  great for mobile workforces, home users, contractors, offshore.  Any 3rd party UNmanaged PC that creates a managment nightmare and TCO.  cool stuff.
You mean it's disconnected?

Great buy for MS but $$$

Just like Softgrid, code reviews, secuirty, MS CYA Anittrust lawsuits and innovation will be slowed in order to get slack sales of Vista up. The real workd is skipping Vista, it's a big and MS are desperate. They are trying to flog this as part of the Desktop Optimization pack to increase $$$. So many good companies killed in that marketing joke, Softgrid, WinInternals Recovery mgr, and now Kidaro which was an ACE killer. MS took Callista of the market to keep it away from VMWare, so obvious what's going on here. MS will slow down innovation and try to adapt. It's business I guess and makes be freaking crazy as the world could be a much better place if there was real vision at MS. Guess they can afford to be big blue of today and not innovate as that is expensive and risky. YAWN. Citrix missed the boat here again.......... No offline story still. Guess VMWare needs to become strong in all areas to force MS to innovate, otherwise we will remain on these blogs not getting products from vendors to move forward. Great day for Kidaro, sad day for technology. 

Kidaro ia a shot across Citrix' bow. Application isolation and publishing combined make a really good alternative to XenApp. I am using ACE, but am not sure how Kidaro scales comparably.

Any more reader feedback re: Kidaro would be much appreciated.

Can somebody do an analysis of how this acquisition stacks up against xen desktop / vmware ace? WHat does it mean going forward for the virtualization industry?

This is what I got out of the article:

"I switched to Mac just so I didn't have to run Vista."

I feel your pain and looking to do the same! 

I've already done the same.  I have ten years experience with Windows administration, and I switched last year....never going back!

I got both, and can't get used to mac.

And i guess flaming at MS meeks people feel better.

I for one thanks MS, Citrix, Vmware and others to provide me with a job! 

another Windows veteren here who's switched to MAC for home use. I'm the converted and love my MAC to death and will never go back to Wintel. Although can't live wihtout VMWare fusion, otherwise I'd be out of a job as well. Vista is like a bad hoilday, interesting to visit or use as the case may be but you wouldn't want to everyday!
One of the dumbest comments I've seen from you.