Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2003 R2: No Updates to Terminal Server

Microsoft just released the "R2" update to Windows Server 2003. This update adds several new "pre-Longhorn" features.

Microsoft just released the "R2" update to Windows Server 2003. This update adds several new "pre-Longhorn" features. However, it does not change anything Terminal Server-related, and unlike SP1, it does not add any new Terminal Server functionality.

This is old news to anyone who has been reading my site over the years, but I feel that it’s important enough to reiterate now.

All of the Terminal Server features that were slated for R2 (RDP6, seamless windows, application publishing, RDP over HTTPS) have been pushed back to Longhorn Server.

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if you need  a solid  RDP-over-SSL  gateway then checkout .

You may even use Terminal-Server encryption over HTTP with that product (they're somehow mis-using the HTTP GET/POST bodies to allow encrypted content in plain HTTP).

Works fine behind a MS ISA server here.


What about Terminal Services session directory isn't that new?
I've recently installed PS4 on a brand new dell for a new small business client. This is the first client that I decided to go with Citrix UPD for all printing instead of installing printers on the server and creating mapping. UPD was working great for the client providing a smaller learning curve to migrating to Citrix. When I ordered the new Dell server it came preloaded with Windows Server 2003 R2. After getting the OS configured I installed PS4.0. Right away I noticed that the File type associations were not showing up in the Citrix console. It was not until late May that Citrix came out with a Hotfix (PSE400R01W2K3054) to resolve this issue. Hearing that the R2 had no TS features I was positive that Citrix would not be impacted but only improved with R2. I was needless to say surprised to find that R2 indeed caused problems.
I think my biggest disappointment is that Citrix should have come out with this issue much sooner as this should have surfaced during their initial testing of R2. Citrix and Microsoft claim that they are working together not against each other. But after this problem and lack of press about it I wonder how to trust that they are working together.