Microsoft Application Virtualization, App-V, Release Candidate

Today Microsoft release the first Release Candidate of App-V, Microsoft's application virtualization solution.New features:HTTP streamingNew Sequencer UIDynamic Suite Composition (DSC) for MSI packagesImproved integration with SCCM 2007 R2Reporting.

Today Microsoft release the first Release Candidate of App-V, Microsoft's application virtualization solution.
New features:

  • HTTP streaming
  • New Sequencer UI
  • Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) for MSI packages
  • Improved integration with SCCM 2007 R2
  • Reporting. Application usage information is now recorded locally on each client and then sent to a App-V Management Server during Publishing Refresh. This means that offline usage of applications or usage of applications when streaming from different sources is now all accounted for properly in the App-V database. We are also providing new guidance so that customers can run their own customized reports.
  • New Manageability tools. We’ve added a OpsMgr 2007 Management Pack to improve the monitoring capabilities of your App-V servers. We’ve added a ADM template to make it simpler to manage common client configurations via group policy. Finally, we’ve created a VSS Writer so that backups of the App-V server can leverage the latest technology
  • Client cache improvements. 
  • New MSI package capability. 
  • Documentation, I reviewed the documentation. It's pretty good!

The RC version can be downloaded from


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Still no 64bit clients support (softgrid client wont install on 64bit platforms) are there any plans for 64bit clients support? as the server will work on 64bit servers and the client wont.

What I know is that App-V x64 won't be available in the version 4 release. I don't have a timeframe for the v5 release. If I had a timeframe, I couldn't tell. Are you looking specifiec for the x64 Desktop or Terminal Server client version?

looking for the 64bit TerminalServer client version. where are evaluation the need for 64bit terminalservers and since we are using softgrid on these machines (currently 32bit 2003) it would be nice to be able to use the new version on this 64bit platform as well (wich will be 2008 based)
64-Bit Support comes in version 5.0 ETA - 2010

Same for us, bought into Softricity before the sell out to MS, have 64 bit hardware running 32 bit apps & OS, now in a lurch waiting for x64. The general feeling I get from those that speak for SoftGrid from MS is that its "x64 in 2010, that's just the way it is, suck it up" 2010 is a long ways off, plenty of time to have your fields of plenty trampled on by alternate providers.

Convenience of AP-V versus being stuck on x32 is a wash. x64 in Q1 of O9!! Put in that OT

Why bother with such wonderful customer service. x64 in 2010 really means they are wil remain years behind what other will do. Bascially only for simple use cases for the average masses. As soon as you go Enterprise, Microsoft=Forget about it.