Live blogging the VMworld 2009 Day 2 "technical" keynote

Yesterday's main keynote only had about five minutes about the desktop, and it was nothing new. Today's keynote, led by VMware CTO Stephen Herrod, should be more technical.

Yesterday's main keynote only had about five minutes about the desktop, and it was nothing new. Today's keynote, led by VMware CTO Stephen Herrod, should be more technical. The word on the floor is that there will be more talk about the desktop too.

Like yesterday, I'll be posting running updates and commentary here. Read from the bottom-up, and refresh for the latest.


9:13 Now back to Steve. Summarizing. So that's it. Gabe and I are going to spend the rest of the day in the expo hall. We want to find Kevin Goodman to see if we can score an interview for tomorrow's TV show. Thanks!

9:11 As you take apps into production, the provisioning environment can know what the app needs (multiple physical hardware for redundancy, network needs, etc.) to make sure it's all there when you launch an app.

9:09 Adrian is in the SpringSource IDE showing how they take an app into production. This demo is worthless with my failing vision.

9:08 SpringSource CTO Adrian is now on stage.

9:06 So VMware is getting in between these layers so, for example, you could write your software in .NET, Python, RoR, PHP, whatever, and interface the same platform (and that's about the infrastructure which might be internal or external). This is a long-term thing.. but definitely cool.

9:04 To explain, vSphere is about Infrastructure-as-a-service. It's about representing hardware in software. Then Platform-as-a-service is how app developers (real apps, not desktop apps) write to. So they're trying to close the gap between the two so that the infrastructure can just do what the dev wants. Then the third building block is Software-as-a-service which runs on top of the platform-as-a-service.

9:03 New topic: vApps. More on the SpringSource stuff. They want to simplify and virutalize the app framework space, like what vSphere has done to the infrastructure space.

9:02 Now talking about how they want open cloud standards for interoperability between clouds of different vendors. I definitely don't get what this is about.. like if it's just OVF or the APIs or what?

9:01 Showing all the cloud vendors and ISVs who are using their API to do stuff.

8:59 Future beyond IP addresses.. because today an IP address is an identity AND a location, and we need to move away from that. Wow! I'm glad there are smart people thinking about this, and I can just benefit from it when they're done.

8:57 Talking more about long-distance vMotion. Steve himself said he thought this was science fiction for a long time.. but now.. wow! people are doing this. Sure it's a crazy challenge, but this is starting to happen. Great for moving workloads to areas near to users or with the cheapest power. Or just for disaster avoidance.

8:55 Talking about connectivity between internal clouds and external clouds. And the challenges of network IDs that move, data that needs to be available, management of knowing what's where at any given time, and security policies across the whole stuff. And VMware's planning on knocking each of these down issue-by-issue. And even if you think the cloud is crap, you still need all this if you have multiple datacenters internally, so listen up!

8:54 New topic: Cloud. Uggh. Funny joke though.. he said replace the game of adding the phrase "in bed" to the end of a fortune cookie fortune with "in the cloud."

8:53 Nerd fun: They're running a set of virtualized vCenters inside VMs in the lab.. so VMs-within-VMs. :)

8:52 Talking about the hardware running the VMworld labs. Over 37k virtual machines on like 776 physical servers in 28 racks. 540kw of power. (But it would have been 25 megawatts if they were all physical!)

8:51 Talking about Lab Manager & Choice.. not sure how these are related. Self-service lab provisioning portals I guess?

8:50 New topic, next thing Steve's going to talk about is "choice," since customer can choose which OS they run and where they run stuff. Again, the irony of no choice of like which hypervisor you can manage, or which platform View runs on.

8:48 Well squinting doesn't help. I can only see colored blobs. They look pretty though. Based on VMware Rob's narration, it seems that ConfigControl will be used to track what people change.. I guess like change management for vCenter, assuming with rollback, etc. Definitely a cool thing. Shipping first half of next year.

8:46 VMware Rob demoing the upcoming VMware ConfigControl. Oh, so yesterday I learned that I need glasses, because I thought it was weird that the demos were blurry. So I asked Gabe and Rick about some stuff, and they can totally read things on the demos that I can't. Now I'm trying a combination of closing one eye and squinting to learn what the hell ConfigControl is.

8:43 Now getting into the SpringSource stuff. This has nothing to do with the desktop today, although I can see this being big for us in 5-10 years as the definition of an "app" evolves.

8:40 Talking about AppSpeed for guaranteeing app performance and monitoring, alert, etc. This is all for "real" datacenter apps.. it's not related to the desktop.

8:36 Talking about Distributed Resource Scheduler and how that can work with vMotion and growing into multi-physical site balancing and stuff.  Cool stuff.

8:31 Wow. It's been six years since they first publicly demoed vMotion. And now there's been 360M vMotions. And they think that someone vMotions a VM every 2 seconds somewhere in the world. Haha.. Now showing how many marriages they've saved since admins can move things without going into the office.

8:29 Moving on to vSphere. Talking about software mainframe. He said that if you're born before 1970, you like the term "software mainframe," and if you're born after 1975 you prefer to call it cloud. Well I was born after 1975, and I sure don't like calling it cloud! :)

8:27 hehe.. VMware dude said "You're probably wondering why they're showing this in a VMware keynote." Answer: VISA mobile is an android app running on a WinCE device. Kinda cool. It was seamless. The VISA Mobile app was just an icon on the CE desktop... you wouldn't even know it was running in a VM.

8:23 Peter from VISA is on stage to talk about what they're doing in the mobile space. Now a VMware dude is showing a VISA Mobile app, I guess this requires the hypervisor or something? I can't figure out the point.


8:23 Just a quick note while he's talking about mobile phones.. I don't know whether we're done with the desktop talk yet, but it seems maybe we are.. If so, it was cool that the whole audience saw PC-over-IP and the client hypervisor, but they didn't mention anything about the future, about the strategy, or about View 4. They didn't mention how they're tackling their desktop challenges. So that's too bad. :(

8:22 Now moving off the desktop, and moving on to "mobile virtualization," which is the hypervisor on the phone thing.

8:21 Back to Steve, showing the Mobile Administrator for vCenter (a mobile phone admin tool for vCenter). They're going to make a mobile phone admin tool for View too.

8:18 Mike is demoing PC-over-IP. Oh, he broke out the Wyse PocketCloud (Wyse's View/RDP client that Gabe wrote about the other day). We shot video of this too for BMTV. Hah! People are clapping.. They love their iPhones!

8:16 He said "When we're in a local network scenario, we want full rich experience." Interesting that they're mentioning LAN.. But, I think that's ok. For me it's totally fine to have lower fidelity over WAN. If you want Catia over the WAN, that's what local is for!

8:15 Mike is demoing VMware's client hypervisor. We actually shot video of this yesterday, which you can watch on tomorrow's Brian Madden TV episode. They're showing Windows 7 with Aero glass.

8:15 DEMO TIME. Welcome VMware View Mike to the stage.

8:14 Talking about client hypervisor.. this and the PoIP is just talk.. demos coming soon

8:10 Talking about Teradici software only PC-over-IP. This will ship this year! (Yay!)

8:08 Oh good, they think their offline VDI sucks too. :) I hope that means it will change...

8:07 Also Woo-hoo!, VMware is OEMing RTO Software's Virtual Profiles. RTO's founder is Kevin Goodman, frequent BriForum presenter. :)

8:06 Woo-hoo! Starting with the desktop!

8:04 While we're waiting to begin, I just want to point out that I put the word "technical" in quotes not because I'm making a comment about how technical it will be, but because this keynote is not officially a technical keynote. That's just what I'm calling it since it's being given by the CTO instead of the CEO.

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Great so they mention LAN, don't talk about bandwidth which is not free even on a LAN. WAN, of course not, they don't have anything? Did they contrast performance to the Teradici stuff? Better of worse? FUD since nothing on futures for Desktops. Is there another session to talk about Desktop and App specifics?



Not sure if it's still live. But it was interesting to hear your comments about not asking the hard questions on View strategy when you thought the Mike was off :-) Come on dude, why not ask those questions live........keep in real for all vendors.


First of all, we knew the mic was on even after the video was off. They made that VERY clear before we went in the booth. :)

But as for not asking the hard questions, the guy from VMware in the booth with us was John Troyer, who does community relations for VMware. He's not a desktop guy and he doesn't know the answers. He was there to ask us about the show, not for us to ask questions of him.

That said, AppDetective, I have your list of hard questions. :) And I can assure you that I'm working on scheduling more time with the right people to ask those questions.... stay tuned! :)


@Brian. Good, I'll keep stalking you until you do  :-)