Live blogging the Citrix Synergy Day 2 "Cloud & Datacenter" keynote

For the second day in a row, Gabe and I are sitting in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas waiting for today's keynote. The Day 2 keynote has historically been the "technical keynote," although this year Citrix says it's going to focus on the "cloud & datacenter.

For the second day in a row, Gabe and I are sitting in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas waiting for today's keynote. The Day 2 keynote has historically been the "technical keynote," although this year Citrix says it's going to focus on the "cloud & datacenter." While those are exactly our focus, we've also heard that Citrix will be talking a lot more about their client hypervisor that we learned yesterday would be called "XenClient."

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10:07 Ok, I"m shutting down. No need to live blog a customer panel. We're going to go shoot some more demos for Brian Madden TV. (Our Synergy wrap-up show will be online tomorrow morning.)

10:01 Network World's John Gallant is on stage to lead a customer panel discussion. He's talking about Network World and why they're here. (There's a "Network World" track here at Synergy.)

10:00 Woo-hoo! Emory won! Now Michael's on stage giving his acceptance speak. Congrats!

9:57 Time to announce the winners of the Citrix Innovation Awards. Let's hope it's BriForum speaker Michael Thomason's Emory Healthcare. Uh oh.. they're making us watch the videos again. Oh, phew! It's just a short overview of each, not the full videos.

9:56 Back to Mark to tie it all together, talking more about getting to "one." (This is the same theme from yesterday.) It's a great message, but like "Access," it's just a message. Let's see if the products can get us there.

9:54 Back to just Wes. He's talking about a Citrix C3 cloud partnership with Amazon. Pretty cool! Now I never have to install another Citrix product again...

9:50 Now they're showing that via Star View. Haha.. They called me out by name. "I know how much Brian Madden loves Starfield View." (He was being sarcastic.) Woot! My first time mentioned in a Citrix keynote, and it wasn't all bad! :)

9:48 Peter Blum came out to show the Citrix LabManager. Since this is tied into Citrix Workflow Studio, you can use Dazzle to allow users to self-provision VMs and servers too. Scary, but cool.

9:44 Now he's talking about XenServer new features and stuff. This is so not my area, so I'm not even going to comment.

9:41 Wes said "XenServer is the Porsche of hypervisors." I agree 100% (He's talking about market share, right?)

9:37 Citrix is releasing a virtual appliance version of their NetScaler. This seems cool, although I thought there was specific hardware in the NetScaler that prevented that? Eh, no matter. Since that's not about desktops or applications, there's a lot I don't know there.

9:33 Citrix's CMO Wes Wasson is now on stage, which is cool, because he's a great speaker. He's talking about what Citrix is doing in the networking, server, and cloud space. The general theme is that they want to take the economics and flexibility of the cloud and extend that into corporate datacenters. (Wow, did I just write that?)

9:27 Mark Templeton is back and talking about the cloud. My guess is that there won't be too much more that's relevant to us in the desktop and application space, but we'll hang around here just in case there is.

9:23 Ian Pratt is now back out to show their "one more thing." He's showing a Mac running OSX and says they can stream Windows apps there. So you click the link, and the seamless app opens via the local VM. Hmm.. People are cheering, but I'm not sure why. Um, you know VMware and Parallels have had this feature on Mac OSX for years, right? Actually, I wonder if people think this was a Type 1 hypervisor on a Mac. $100 says 'no,' and that it was a Type 2 client VMM, probably Virtual Box. My guess is that the "new thing" is just some code to link the app in the Windows VM to an icon on the Mac. [UPDATE: I confirmed that this Mac demo was a true Type 1 XenClient hypervisor. The story is that the Apple license agreement says that the Mac OS must run on Apple hardware, so it's cool. So to that, let me say WOW!]

9:21 Seriously? They're talking about who loves who more. Jeez..

9:21 Mark Templeton is on stage now after that 45-minute Intel commercial. No wait, no Mark and Pat are talking together.

9:19 When will XenClient be available? "Before the end of the year."

9:16 Now showing the seamless windows capability, where you can get seamless apps between VMs on XenClient. Gabe and I showed this on Brian Madden TV episode 3 back in February. The seamless Windows is cool, though, like XenApp publishing except from local client VMs. Nice security play, since you can use seamless secure apps from the client.

9:11 Intel & Citrix are demoing the XenClient client hypervisor and explaining why you'd want it. (But their reason is for multiple VMs for personal versus work.) The interface looks slick though. readers should know all this stuff already.. remote kill pill, device security, etc.

9:08 Suck it VMware! Suck it Symantec! Citrix doesn't have Intel on stage. Intel has Citrix on stage!

9:07 The story is that "Intel presented this to Citrix," and that Citrix liked it. Now they're bringing Ian Pratt on stage to hear about the Intel Citrix relationship.

9:05 Intel calls this all the "dynamic virtual client." (DVC?)

9:03 Talking about it's not "thick versus thin"--but now there's a range since you can have client VMs, streamed apps and OSes, etc. I *hope* everyone in the audience knows this already, but it's good to hear it again.

9:02 Intel doesn't have "fat clients," they have "managed rich clients." :)

9:00 vPro, vPro, vPro, vPro.. apparently Intel's client vision is getting all 500 people in this audience to buy vPro-baesd client devices.

8:58 Now we're getting into Intel's client vision. So far he's telling us what the pain points are with traditional PC clients, in case we don't know.

8:55 We're now at 20 minutes of Intel rah-rah with no end in sight... This is nothing but a commercial for them. BOO!

8:49 This guy's really hopped up on the Xeon 5500. He said it's the biggest thing since the Pentium Pro. What do you think? Is that true?

8:47 "Every time you touch a web page, it touches an Intel server." How are these guys not a monopoly?

8:43 Nice! He's the first person from Intel I've heard publicly admits that Intel loves server sprawl. :)

8:40 Pat Gelsinger from Intel is on stage.

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I get scared now when Mark is on stage that we might be in for another 2 hours.....


I wonder if the MAC running Windows demo was their demo of KXen Type 2


10:07 Ok, I"m shutting down. No need to live blog a customer panel.

Go grab some beers!


Great keynote,especially the Mac Type I...

I was just really chocked by people leaving the room during the customer round table at the end of the keynote... Don't know how they could react if, during a meeting they could organize, people were going in and out, talking, phoning...

The fact this were not enougth interessant for them or that they had something better to do didn't excuse this...


The live customer round table really should have been a breakout session and not part of the keynote.



Hi Brian,

It is true that the Xeon 5500 (Core i7) is a leap.  Intel has finally integrated the memory controller like AMD does  (big gain in memory BW and memory latency reduction).  This is a one-time architecture jump for server processing from a per core processor.  As Pat indicated, after this Xeon 5500 integration step, things will go back to incremental improvements year-over-year.

From a remoting point of view, the Xeon 5500 will be a one-time bump in host rendered/software compression performance which is great.  We will be evaluating the amount of improvement (will add to a future blog note).  But after that it will be the typical YOY gains.



the virtual client / client hypervisor / xenclient / vclient message is not friendly to customers !!!

here is the Intel dirty little secret:  no atom processor supports any of the v flavors required to run a client hypervisor.  the investment is going on their chips for the "managed rich clients"  ( aka FAT ).   the intel agenda to slow down this market is un-believable!!!!  and the worse part is that people like citrix embrace this message which is 100% against what enterprise customers are asking .  neither HP nor Wyse have embraced Atom in their thin clients, have you thought of that?  This people must think we are all dumb...

i'm glad BM is staying objective on this topic :)