Live blog of Citrix Synergy 2013 LA opening keynote. (It's over now, read this if you missed it.)

Today's opening keynote for Citrix Synergy 2013 LA is over. Here's the live blog I typed during it.

Today's opening keynote for Citrix Synergy 2013 LA is over. Here's the live blog I typed during it. It's in reverse order, so read from the bottom-up. Key takeaways are XenDesktop 7, XenMobile, and the Worx stuff. Tune into the live streamed podcast with analysis from Gabe Knuth, Jack Madden, Shawn Bass, and Jeroen van de Kamp at 1:00pm PST.


12:03 Mark just finished up with a video about the future or something. 

11:52 Moving on to NetScaler. I'm not going to write much about this unless there's anything that specifically applies to end user computing.

11:48 Citrix is creating the Worx App SDK that lets mobile app makers add Worx enablement by just adding a single line of code to their apps. This is cool. Jack will explain. It's available now.

11:47 XenMobile will be available in three editions, MDM edition (for MDM only), App Edition (to add MAM to an existing MDM solution), Enterprise Edition (both). Shipping in June.

11:35 Demos of all the MDX / Worx stuff from Brad Peterson. Also showing Citrix Online stuff, Podio, integration with SharePoint, etc. This is all pretty cool, but better for you to see it in the demo.

11:34 Talking about the three apps that you must provide. WorxMail, WorxWeb, and ShareFile. (Not WorxData?) Jack also talks about this a lot. You should read his book.

11:31 Demo over. Back to Mark. There's a problem that many of these apps talk to each other. "Open In," etc. So you want to separate life and work apps, and to manage the interactions between them. You don't want corporate information going out, but you might want personal stuff coming in. He says they had to invent some new technology for this. Really? Jack talks about that all the time. I wonder what Citrix invented?

12:23 Two new products (or brands?) in the mobile space. Worx Enroll: self-service device enrollment. Worx Home: Where you manage all your mobile settings, request support, and get new apps. Brad's going through a demo now.

11:21 Doing this requires (1) infrastructure, (2) mobile devices and data, and (3) a platform that allows you to do all this. (App Stores, etc.) This is leading to Citrix XenMobile. He's talking about it as "Mobile Lifecycle Management." (MLM?) So the full lifecycle of the devices, the apps, the provisioning, deprovisioning, etc.

11:19 Shifting gears to talk about mobile. Mark says that mobile devices are not separate things from apps in general, and that managing apps on mobile devices and that managing mobile devices are the same thing. And on top of that, you have to figure out how to deal with the data. And finally, in this age of consumerization, you have to focus on the experience.

11:17 XenDesktop 7 ships in June, along with XenApp 6.5 FP2.

11:16 There are several editions of XenDesktop 7, including VDI Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Platinum Edition. New is "App Edition" which I guess is XenApp now?

11:04 Still showing more demos of super high-end engineering and 3D applications all delivered via Citrix. Bottom line is the NVIDIA Virtual GPU stuff is integrated with XenDesktop 7, so you have many options for whatever applications you have to deliver.

11:00 Brad Peterson back on stage, showing Photoshop demo from the iPad, powered by the new NVIDIA cards. This is cool for sure. I wonder what kind of hardware they're using to power all this?

10:54 Back to Mark talking about graphically-intensive apps, 3D, geo apps, Bloomberg, Photoshop, etc. How do you do that? How do you SaaS-ify these? He's bringing on Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA to talk about this. Good move. Jen-Hsun says "You know, people forget that when we started working on this problem (Citrix and NVIDIA) a decade ago, we actually failed."

10:43 Moving into the demo for XenDesktop 7 with Brad Peterson. They're going to look at the new administrative studio and the new MDX mobile user experience. The iPad demo running Windows 8 remotely is cool. I mean I know this is stuff that has existed for awhile, but it's cool nonetheless. Speed looks good. He's showing Flash video on the iPad mini.. Wonder what the bandwidth is?

10:41 They're releasing a Mobile SDK for Windows Apps for app makers to make their Windows desktop applications aware of Citrix clients with alternative delivery mechanisms and interfaces. I thought they had this already?

10:40 They've done a tone of work for mobile. Video over 3G, better WAN efficiency, more support for touch-based interfaces, gesturing, etc. They're also claiming full support for GPS, sensors, cameras, etc. We'll have to see the fine print on this.

10:38 This new XD7 has no more workload provisioning, no more app-by-app publishing, and no more manual app migration (thanks to integrated AppDNA). XD7 is built for Windows Server 2012, built-in SCCM 2012 connector, and built-in App-V 5 support.

10:36 Finally XenApp and XenDesktop are both FMA. No more IMA. They're using the same architecture now. There's only 1 package to download for both. Fast deployment, wizards, automated checks, etc. He claims 20 minutes to get started. The whole thing is down to 2 consoles now. XenDesktop Studio, XenDesktop Director. Yeah... I don't think that's really true though. More later.

10:34 So how do you begin? You have to start with Windows. He asked himself, "What could XenDesktop and XenApp look like if they completely re-imagined them from scratch for today's cloud and mobile era." That's what led them to create Project Avalon. It's all about delivering Windows desktops and Windows apps as a mobile cloud service. Today he's unveiling the release of XenDesktop 7. (No XenDesktop 6??)

10:31 A CIO was telling Mark that his strategy is "DOS." Not MS-DOS, but "Don't Own Stuff." A bank CIO said his strategy is "MAC," like "Move, Add, Change." 1500+ watching the feed now btw. The solution to all this is to "go mobile." Hmm.. dunno how much I agree with that, but whatever. He says, "even for people working at a desktop today, you don't know how long (due to generations, disruptions, etc.) that will be the case."

10:27 Back to Mark, talking about the importance of mobility. He hears the same thing over and over from CIOs. "I want to mobilize my business." That's driven by (1) consumerization, (2) the younger generation of employees, and (3) the reality of disruptions in the world in general.. attacks, weather, etc.

10:20 Going through the Citrix Innovation Awards where they look for customers who are doing cool things with Citrix products. I'll be going dark here until that's over.

10:16 New product. Desktop Player for Mac. (Audience Applause). Add-on to XenDesktop that allows you to run Windows virtual desktops on a Mac. Something like MokaFive? Wonder what's powering that. He says it's in Tech Preview on the show floor and will be previewed to the public soon. This could be interesting.. always a missing component from the XenDesktop stack.

10:15 Talking about the Microsoft relationship. Number of deployments of XenDesktop on Hyper-V has increased 80% year-over-year.

10:14 ShareFile is now available on Windows Azure. (Audience applauds.) Nice.

10:13 They're trying to build the momentum with ShareFile. He said that they have a lot of SMB customers, but now with StorageZones they have 35k corporate customers. Man, he's stuttering a bit and seems nervous. Hopefully he'll get into the groove in a few minutes. Breathe dude!!!

10:11 First is Citrix CloudPlatform, Citrix's product for creating "Amazon-like Clouds." Dunno how they do this with software they sell versus the free model of the software that runs Amazon, but hey, I'm just an end-user computing guy, so what do I know? I'm not really going to comment too much on the cloud stuff on this blog.

10:09 Mark Templeton is taking the stage now. Over 1100 people watching the web feed now.

10:05 Still waiting for the start. Looks like a huge venue with tons of people.

9:52 Hello from San Francisco. I'm watching the video from Stand by for this thing to begin...


Citrix Synergy is taking place in Los Angeles this week, and Mark Templeton's opening keynote kicks off today at 10am local time. (Use this link to see the time in your own local time zone.) As in previous years, the keynote video will be streamed live, at, so if you're not there then you can watch it live. The streaming platform works great, as I already watched several hours of Geek Speak Live sessions last night, including the Enterprise Mobility panel moderated by Jack Madden. (For the first time since 1999, I'm not attending Citrix Synergy. No hard feelings, I'm just traveling far too much, and Gabe and Jack are there covering it for

I'll also be doing a live blog (on this page) during the keynote, so check back here to get the running commentary.

Once the keynote is over, listen to a live streamed podcast with analysis from Gabe Knuth, Jack Madden, Shawn Bass, and Jeroen van de Kamp at 1:00pm PST.

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