Just one more week until BriForum 2009!

I can't believe that it's here already. BriForum will take place the week after next, from July 21-23 in Chicago.

I can't believe that it's here already. BriForum will take place the week after next, from July 21-23 in Chicago. I was going to write about how this year is shaping up to be our best ever, but really, don't I always say that? (Although it's always true! ;)

Seriously, look at this year's agenda. We have 56 breakout sessions this year which we had to whittle down from hundreds of submissions. We have a lot of the favorite speakers from years past, plus several new folks. I know the economy is making it difficult to travel this year, but if you can make it to one event--this is the one to come to! It's the only conference that's 100% dedicated to application and desktop virtualization, and this year we really tried to focus the agenda on the stuff that can help you do your job better now. We're hoping that you'll pick up a nugget of knowledge or learn about a new product here that will more than offset the cost of attending and taking a week out of the office.

I'm also incredibly excited about the vendors who will be our our DEMO lab this year. We have an amazing 25 (!) exhibitors, and every single one of these companies is going to bring technical folks to provide hands on demos and answer your tough questions. I don't think there's ever been such a concentration of more desktop-specific vendors in one place!

We're going to be having our "Geek Out" game show at the opening night party again this year. (BriForum starts on a TUESDAY this year.) So be sure to brush up on your nerdy knowledge for a chance to win a huge gaudy trophy and a free pass to BriForum 2010.

So what do you think? Should we do anything else this year? Do you want to do the retro IT shirt thing again? Or are there any more ideas?

Also, by the way, I'll be setting up the BriForum 2009 group on BrianMadden.com next week. From there attendees will be able to download session videos and content and see the attendee-only information. So be on the lookout for an email from me next week.

Thanks everyone! I can't express how excited I am... And if you still haven't registered for BriForum, there's still room. I don't think we have any hotel rooms left, but you can use hotels.com or priceline to grab one nearby at a good rate.



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Could you put the download links to the session videos to the 2008 Briforum, to all of the 2008 attendees back up?  I believe it was taken down when you did the Briforum site redesign earlier this year.


They're all available here to people that are part of the BriForum 2008 group: www.brianmadden.com/.../briforum-chicago-2008-presentations.aspx

Email me at gabe@brianmadden.com if you come across something that doesn't work, and I'll get it working again.


Got it thanks for the link.  I was going to this link from the Videos => Briforum Breakout Sessions dropdown menu: media.brianmadden.com/videos