Join Ruben Spruijt, Amitabh Sinha, and Brian Madden for a chat about VDI, today at 1:00EDT

In today's event, fellow CTP Ruben Spruijt and I will discuss all things VDI with Citrix's Amitabh Sinha

[UPDATE: This webcast is over, but will be available on-demand soon. I'll post a URL as soon as I get it. Thanks to all those who attended!]

Today Citrix is hosting another one of their Virtual Geek Speak community events. In today's event, fellow CTP Ruben Spruijt and I will discuss all things VDI with Citrix's Amitabh Sinha.

Each of the three of us will open with a five minute intro of where we think things are with the industry, and then we'll open the chat room for a round table style discussion. We already have several potential topics to discuss, and we'll pull additional questions from the audience.

This webcast is TODAY, 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern, 18:00 GMT

Register and attend:

UPDATE: Just to be clear, this is not a Citrix-sponsored webcast per se. Sure, Citrix is hosting it, but neither Ruben nor I are receiving any money from Citrix. They just offered this opportunity to the CTPs, and we accepted! Thanks to Citrix's Laura Whalen for making this happen!

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Would be really great to have more webcast at times that are better suited for people from ANZ + APAC to attend.

Something like 10AM EDT would be nice. I know that this would be 7AM in San Francisco. :)


Christoph, do what I do and wake up at 3am to attend :).  I have to admit, I am dosing up on caffine this morning.


This show sucked. The Citrix guy could not articulate why anybody would use VDI over TS, even though there are lot's of good reasons. Brian kept hammering him on this point. It is exactly why XenDesktop sucks so badly currently, and they still don't get a Broker should be a choice not forced down peoples throat. It's worrying when Citrix puts somebody forward so weak in understanding the industry and he is the guy that is the PM. No wonder Citrix is unable to build features in fast enough to make this stuff easy.

In other news This is VERY VERY interesting. If it's true that Citrix is finally going to offer a single product, this is good news but brings up lot's of interesting questions. Is XenApp which is perfectly fine for low cost VDI going to become real now? Will the XD team screw the whole thing up with their crappy product. Brian have you heard anything? This is VERY VERY interesting.


Guess I don't need to wait for the audio recording then ehhh?