My favorite articles of 2017 (And why I wrote them)

Some background on how articles came to be, my thinking behind them, and why they were interesting.

For my 2017 round up, I’m going to skip the big stories, and instead, list my favorite articles and talk about why they’re interesting. In approximately chronological order, here we go.

Apple’s iOS management protocol needs to get better for BYOD. Here’s why and what they could do. For years, my soapbox has been to hone in on the details of MDM and MAM. I’m confident in saying that we’re at a point where iOS MDM is falling being Android enterprise for BYOD use cases. I wrote this article in January hoping a big change would come this year, but alas, I was disappointed.

How will the rise of artificial intelligence affect EMM, desktop virtualization, and EUC? At the 2017 RSA conference, about every third vendor was talking about machine learning-based behavior anomaly detection. All the crazy hype aside, I think this stuff is pretty cool, and a lot of people have surprisingly realistic expectations.

What does the Microsoft Graph API for Intune mean for the rest of the EMM market? The Graph API allows Intune to act as middleware, which vendors can use as a way to manage Office mobile apps. This was big news when we first learned about, but it’s still in beta, so we have to wait to see how it will affect the market.

Just wait, the mobile/cloud world is going to “rediscover” VDI and DaaS. This one was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Every few months, Gabe and I get pitches from brand new vendors that make it sound like remote desktops were invented yesterday. But still, DaaS has benefits for the modern mobile cloud world.

The “mobile is only for consumption” idea is flawed. Ever hear the adage that a computer program shouldn’t ask the user for information it can figure out on its own? Just think about all the sensors that a mobile device has, then think about all the data creation possibilities.

Cloud Identity Summit 2017: What I learned about the present and future of ID. This was my first time at this show, and it was awesome for many reasons. Identity is a huge part of EUC now, and we should all get familiar with.

Just what is a “Workspace”? I wrote this post because I was annoyed with incorrect uses of the term “workspace.”

FUIT: Get your company to adopt the new NIST password guidelines. The new guidelines eliminate counter-productive rotation and complexity requirements, and I was excited to resurrect our old FUIT series! (Oh, and I may have emailed this post to our TechTarget west coast IT admin.)

How Windows 10 co-management works with SCCM and Intune/MDM, and how third parties can use it, too. Microsoft didn’t really talk about it much, but it was good to dig into how these changes can be leveraged by the rest of the industry.

Mobile device management products aren’t a commodity, despite past predictions. Enough said.

Let’s talk gadgets! (As EUC folks, it’s part of our jobs.) It was a big year for devices. Phones that can turn into desktops got a lot of play, and I got to review the Windows 10-powered HP Elite x3 and the Samsung Galaxy S 8 and Note 8. Windows 10 S and Windows on Qualcomm also got attention, and I’m looking forward to trying these, as I believe they’re an interesting blend of mobile and laptop concepts.

EMM-managed IoT versus 3-tier IoT. We can finally answer the question, “What does IoT mean to EUC?”

Hey VMware, please consider launching a dedicated EUC conference! A lot of people miss AirWatch Connect, as it was one of the best mobility events out there before it got rolled into VMworld. I made an appeal, and I know many others feel the same way.

Are we too focused on typical office workers? The rise of the extended enterprise. Many recent end user computing developments have their biggest effect on contractor, field worker, partner, and kiosk users, rather than typical office works. The problem is that most of us in the IT space are typical office workers, and occasionally we overlook other points of view.

Every single Friday Notebook post. I was inspired to create this after reading some really good curated newsletters; plus all the back posts serve as an archive for our industry.

My EMM resources page. If you have any questions about EMM or are trying to get someone new up to speed, start here. Besides all of our fundamental articles, I link to all the key iOS and Android documentation.

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