Jack: My favorite articles of 2018 (and why I wrote them)

Plus a few other year-end thoughts.

I already wrote about my predictions for 2019, but before we take a few days off for the holidays, it’s time to look back at 2018. I could recap the year’s top news: Meltdown/Spectre, Citrix finally getting into identity, Nutanix/Frame, Windows Virtual Desktop, FSLogix, and the various career moves of my former co-workers, Brian and Gabe. But instead, I’m going to do what I did last year, and list the articles that were my favorite to write and talk about why I liked them.

The list

Despite the slowdown uproar, Apple’s long-term iPhone support is the standard to beat
Some classic FUD-busting. Related: All of our thoughts on iOS 12, macOS Mojave, and the iPhone XS and XR.

Will digital assistants be a security nightmare like BYOD?
BYOD was a huge disruption in our space, so we have to be vigilant about what’s next. Digital assistants and smart speakers are getting boatloads of hype, but I just don’t see them affecting us too much yet.

Evaluating MAM SDKs and wrappers is still hard. What can we do?
It’s hard to compare the mobile app management security and functionality claims of one vendor to another. We could still use some help in this space.

BlackBerry has completed its turnaround, but marketing and execution are still key
I wrote this after BlackBerry’s analyst day. A few people still joke about BlackBerry, but I’m impressed with their turnaround and strategy, and I enjoyed putting together this analysis.

(Updated) BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE is a new app that connects BlackBerry Dynamics and Intune MAM
And: Workspace One Send connects to Intune MAM, but Microsoft and Apple could make it easier
It’s ridiculous how Microsoft makes customers jump through hoops to integrate the Office mobile apps with other EMM platforms. I thought they were all about being open now?

PSA: Every IT shop should be testing the iOS 12 beta
And: Even basics like email & Wi-Fi make mobile device management worth doing
And: It’s 2018—every company already ‘does mobility,’ no matter what!
And: Infographic: When to use MDM, MAM, and other EMM techniques (Updated October 2018)
I’m sure it was some random comments that made me get on my soapbox and write these as rants, but it turns out they’re pretty useful—especially the infographic. (Seriously, you should bookmark the infographic!)

Login VSI’s app compatibility tool Login AT applies computer vision to IT
One of the most unique new tools I’ve seen all year.

Fortnite will require Android users to allow unknown sources. Time to rethink MTD and EMM policies?
And: Mobile threat defense vendors are taking on phishing, a rising concern on mobile devices
And: What do mobile security statistics really mean? Here’s how to break them down
Kyle and I spent a lot of time on mobile threat defense in the last few months. Fortnite really prompted us to think about BYOD; phishing feels like a more urgent threat than many other mobile threats; and it’s good to put scary-sounding mobile threat data in the proper context.

Bam! Microsoft announces “Windows Virtual Desktop” on Azure with multi-user Windows 10
This is the biggest news of the year, following Brian’s guest post about RDSH being missing from initial Server 2019 previews. Also, it was cool to write “Bam!” in a headline, and the pull quote makes me laugh out loud.

After Knox, what’s Samsung’s next big hit in the enterprise?
This was an interesting analysis to write. Knox was a huge hit, but I just don’t see DeX as more than an accessory for a few customer verticals.

iOS MDM needs to get better at BYOD, but Apple might make it harder (December 2018 update)
And: Sometimes it’s okay to say no to BYOD and have two phones (for users or IT!)
I first wrote this iOS BYOD article in early 2017, and now in late 2018, we’re still in pretty much the same place. The result? Personally, I’m much more pragmatic about BYOD and situations where it won’t work.

Other year-end recommendations

MacAdmins Podcast
I was honored to be interviewed on this great show, plus I got to meet all the wonderful hosts when I attended my first-ever Jamf Nation User Conference. You should definitely subscribe.

Friday Notebook
Putting this together is my favorite part of the week.

Mobile Pros Slack
Join this to ask all your EMM questions—there are a lot of super-knowledgeable folks on here.

Enterprise Mobility Resources
I’m still updating this list of recommended articles and iOS and Android resources every few months—bookmark this, too.

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