Is it the year of VDI? We’re at a high point, according to TechTarget research

TechTarget has been asking the same question for several years, and VDI projects in 2019 are bucking the previous trends.

The debate about whether or not it’s “the year of VDI” is as old as VDI itself. However, recently I came across a new data point from TechTarget, indicating that in 2019, more companies are considering VDI projects than ever before.

TechTarget, the parent company of, SearchVirtualDesktop, and about a hundred other sites, has a massive data and research operation as part of its core business. One of TechTarget’s products is our annual IT Priorities Survey, with 4,000 to 5,000 responses from IT pros all around the world. In other words, it’s not just readers or desktop virtualization folks that are providing the information. Instead, the context is much wider.

Anyway, last week I was on a call with my publisher, Jon Brown, who has been working on research and following the EUC space for years (he also led the acquisition of back in 2008), and he shared an interesting statistic from the survey.

When we ask respondents about their plans for “desktop” projects in 2019, 31% said that they’re planning to do a VDI project. This was the third-highest desktop priority; the second highest were office suites, EFSS, and other productivity apps; and the top project was Windows 10 migration projects. (N = 2,068, with geo-balancing applied. We asked respondents, “Which of these desktop projects will your company do in 2019?” and gave them a range of EUC options to pick from from.)

We’ve been asking this question for years, and this is the highest it’s ever been. In 2018, only 19% were considering VDI or desktop virtualization, putting it in fifth place.

Going back even further, in 2017, VDI and desktop virtualization came in at 22%; in 2016, it was 21%; and back in 2014, it was 25%.

Of course, this is only one question on one survey. As we know, many of these projects don’t make it to completion or get delayed. And what people consider “the year of VDI” varies. Is it the year that VDI technology (as opposed to RDSH or published apps) became viable? The year with the most growth and projects? Some type of (fairly unlikely) mass adoption?

Either way, I think this data—given that we’re asking a neutral sample, we’ve been tracking it for years, and it’s at its highest ever—is a good point to add to “the year of VDI” conversation.

(Endnote: If you’d like to hear more of these data points from TechTarget’s research, let me know, and I’ll see what else they let me share to the public.)

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