Is Hyatt hotels Citrix’s newest competitor?

In-person meetings versus virtual meetings. Huge industries behind both.

In-person meetings versus virtual meetings. Huge industries behind both. Who will win?





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Too funny. I do have to give props to Hyatt Place(s) - cacoon of productivity, great wifi (yes to connect to virtual machine) and a plasma that if it fit in my luggage would find a nice home above my mantle (just saying)

Have you seen the adds in Logan Airport re: anti-tech ??  


Hilarious - did anyone spot the Citrix Online ad below the photo?


Hey Brian.  Thanks for putting up this great creative from Hyatt.  It's timely because i'm hearing about this " either / or " approach from hotels and airlines.  I recently wrote a blog post talking about the ROI of workshifting, where someone works remote or across various locations.  For Citrix Online it was measured in terms of reduced travel costs.  However, to state that is the only measurement, really only tells half the story.  Using the tools available today that allow online meetings and remote access frequently results in more face-to-face meetings and more travel, simply because the user is able to effectively reach more prospects and more clients.

From my view, I think the greatest impact on travel is within a person's general locale.  For example, I work at our campus in Santa Barbara.  I use our tools to have online meetings with people in other buildings and throughout the city.  However, this month i'll travel to Austin and New York for meetings.  While I have a reduction in local travel, I still need to cross the globe and meet face-to-face.  We are social beings, and no technology will replace the need to meet "eye-to-eye" ;)

I'd like to see the travel industry embrace the tools as one step toward improving the overall user experience for the traveler.  It's not just our tools, but better wifi and business centers would be great.  More locations to charge your laptop and smart phone; more plugs in the hotel rooms...etc.  We aren't in the Unified Communications business; we are in the Unified Experience business.  That applies to every industry, not just ours.  We all need to continue to work harder to make the best experience possible.

Thanks for your post.

All the best,

David Baeza

Citrix Online


@ Mr. Incredible - that's part of the post, not an ad.  Although, I'm sure Citrix appreciates it :)