Is Citrix leaving Florida and heading to California?

Shortly after Citrix started acquiring West Coast companies, the internal culture started to change. People close to the company talked of the differences between "West Coast Citrix" and "Florida Citrix.

Shortly after Citrix started acquiring West Coast companies (Expertcity in 2003, Net6 in 2004, and NetScaler in 2005), the internal culture started to change. People close to the company talked of the differences between "West Coast Citrix" and "Florida Citrix."

Some of this change was undoubtedly related to the fact that the company was experiencing rapid growth and was building more products in more places than before, but we definitely saw an evolution as Cirix grew into adolescence. And a big part of that evolution was for them to become more "California" and less "Florida."

For example, since 2003, Citrix has starting encouraging employee blogging, created the Citrix CTP program, and grown iForum into a more open event. Even though a lot of that positive change seems like the more "California" way to do things, I was still surprised to notice that the dateline on all three of Citrix's press releases from last week showed them coming from Santa Clara, CA, instead of Ft. Lauderdale. "This confirms it," I thought, "Citrix is moving to California. Does the South Florida Business Journal know yet?"

I posted this to my twitter feed (which I'm proud to say is still 100% on-topic and work-related), and I actually got an email response from Citrix's John Fanelli. John told me  there's no plan to move the company headquarters to California, but that they dateline the press releases based on where the product group is located. For example:

  • Santa Barbara - GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToAssist
  • Santa Clara - XenDesktop, NetScaler, Branch Repeater, Access Gateway
  • Ft Lauderdale - XenApp, all corporate stuff (earnings, etc.)
  • Boston - XenServer

Since Wednesday’s product announcements were led by XenDesktop and the Branch Repeater, all three were datelined Santa Clara.

So it turns out that there's no conspiracy after all (although it is interesting that XenDesktop and XenApp are developed in two different places).

Silicon Valley is not a bad place to be in 2009. In addition to Citrix's presence in Santa Clara, it's also the home for Wyse, Moka5, NComputing, Pano Logic, Sun, Symantec, Atlantis Computing, VMware, RingCube, and Microsoft's Calista team. Even Mark Templeton is becoming more familiar around the area, buying a second home in California and splitting his time between Santa Clara and Florida (although since Florida has no state income tax, you can bet that Florida will always be his "permanent" home).

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One of the benefits of East Coast headquarters is that they overlap with the European workday.  I have seen more World-wide organizations have east coast offices specifically for this level of overlap.


I personnaly prefer hearthquake to flooding ;è)


Hurricanes are much easier to predict/plan for than earthquakes.


Surely, out af all the tech companies, Citrix shoud be the one best placed to work anywhere!? Physical location should be a non-issue for them.