Introducing Ivanti, LANDESK's new name for all of its products (including AppSense)

Word has been floating around that LANDESK was going to rename itself since they've acquired a number of companies that aren't LAN or desktop focused. Yesterday, it happened.

Yesterday word came from AppSense that their parent company, LANDESK, is changing the entire company’s name to Ivanti. While I’m kind of sad that the AppSense name is gone (mostly because now I will be saying “AppSen…I mean…Ivanti” for the next 36 months), I understand the change.

Over the years, LANDESK has acquired a number of companies that all relate to their longstanding systems management platform. In addition to AppSense, LANDESK had also acquired Shavlik (patching & security) and Wavelink (EMM). Most recently, they’ve merged with HEAT. Rather than just calling them all LANDESK, which conveys something along the lines of “traditional systems management, on a LAN, with desks,” they decided to re-brand the company to something that conveys an evolving management vision.

With regards to the products themselves, nothing is changing. AppSense’s stuff will still be there, along with all the other products, it’s just all called Ivanti now. I’d imagine, though I haven’t confirmed this, that we may even start to see some common management and blending as time goes by. It would be good to see since what LANDE…I mean…Ivanti does is broadly applicable to just about any organization.

For more information you can check out the press release and their FAQ. Here’s a few nuggets:

  • It’s pronounced “ee-vant-ee”, and it’s derived from “Avanti,” which means forward or ahead in Italian. I think that means the “vant” part is pronounced like “vont”, so for the time being I’m going with “ee-vont-ee” until I’m corrected.
  • When you go to conferences, you’ll look for the Ivanti booth.
  • It appears that personnel will stay the same for the time being, though I suspect the merger with HEAT will surely present some redundancies.

Jack will be writing up something soon on the EMM offerings that Ivanti has, so stay tuned for that. It’s been a while since we dug into AppSense, too, so we’ll dig into that soon, too.

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