Interesting Things I Learned at Citrix iForum, Day One

I’ve been at Citrix iForum in Edinburgh, Scotland this week. Yesterday was the first formal day of the show.

I’ve been at Citrix iForum in Edinburgh, Scotland this week. Yesterday was the first formal day of the show. I spent the entire day talking to vendors and Citrix employees, and I learned all sorts of great things. Rather than writing an article about each thing, I’ll summarize everything of interest here.

MetaFrame for Linux. While everyone at Citrix I spoke to agrees that it’s technically possible, it’s currently a chicken and egg scenario. Citrix is waiting for customer demand and will probably do something here as soon as people ask for access to Linux applications.

64-bit MetaFrame. No customers are using MetaFrame on a 64-bit platform, and I couldn’t find anyone within Citrix who could say whether they had it working internally. Everyone agrees that it will exist at some point.

MetaFrame for UNIX. Version 3 is due out sometime soon. It still won’t use IMA (and never will), but it will integrate with the new licensing servers. It will also fully integrate into Resource Management. Also, Citrix is getting ready to publish a paper detailing how you can use X access to ICA Windows applications with MetaFrame for UNIX.

The MetaFrame Presentation Server WMI schema is fully published, and available for download as a PDF that’s contained in the WMI provider kit.

Presentation Server Section 508 compliance requires screen reader software to be installed on the server. This probably won’t change anytime soon.

In order to get the advantages of more efficient zone communication in Presentation Server three, you have to use the preferred zone policy. (I’ll write more on this next week.)

Sophos antivirus software provides a unique value in Citrix environments. Their software only scans an executable once (unless it changes) thereby increasing performance in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.

Citrix recently bought a company called Motivus. (This was news to me.) They have software that enables mobile (PDA, phone, etc) access to documents. This will most likely be integrated into MSAM.

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This message was originally posted by Roberto Santos on June 9, 2004
I think Citrix has (or wants to sell) a distorted view of why one would like to run Metaframe on Linux.

Yes, I agree that applications are an important and very relevant piece of the puzzle, but what about the hardware itself? Why should I recommend my company to purchase an increasingly expensive proprietary box when I can build a Linux server on commodity hardware? And that is on top of that very expensive, per server, MFU license I also need to purchase.

Lastly, and to throw a little bit more kindling to the fire, I bet you the MFU code would run much faster on a Linux/x86 box than on some monstrous RISC server, just like many other applications ported to Linux...