In case you missed it: Here’s what’s new in Citrix XenMobile 9 and the Worx apps

This week at Synergy, Citrix announced the latest version of their mobile device management and mobile app management platform, XenMobile 9, along with several new and updated Worx productivity apps.

This week at Synergy, Citrix announced the latest version of their mobile device management and mobile app management platform, XenMobile 9, along with several new and updated Worx productivity apps. Today I’m going to go over the new announcements and give a little bit of context for each one.

Windows Phone support

XenMobile 9 will support MDM APIs for Windows Phone 8.1 and provide Windows Phone versions of the WorxMail and WorxWeb apps. (There’s already a Windows Phone ShareFile client.) Microsoft announced new Windows Phone MDM features a few weeks ago, and they’re pretty good. As Windows Phone becomes more popular, XenMobile support will be more important, too.

FIPS 140-2 support

XenMobile WorxMail for iOS and Android has now been accredited for FIPS 140-2. For compliance-bound companies, this will make Worx Mail a possible alternative to BlackBerry.


ShareFile added a range of new connectors for different cloud storage providers, including Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. The keynote showed a demo of using ShareFile to move files back and forth between these sources and other on-premises enterprise storage. Citrix noted that ShareFile now has 45,000 customers, with a million licenses sold in the last 18 months.

Worx App updates

One of the biggest announcements came with all of Citrix’s own mobile apps. WorxMail has a slick new email triage feature, and the keynote also showed off a lot of the integration features, including GoToMeeting integration, ShareFile integration, and opening intranet links from emails directly into the WorxWeb corporate browser. The audience responded well to all this, and Citrix did a good job of showing how an ecosystem of interconnected, MAM-compatible apps make make for smooth workflows with a great user experience.

There were several new Worx productivity apps, too:

  • There’s WorxEdit, a document editing app. ShareFile already has document editing built in; Citrix is simply making this available as a standalone app now, too.
  • WorxDesktop, essentially a corporate-managed version of GoToMyPC, provides access to files and applications on remote computers.
  • Last, there’s WorxNotes, a note taking app that uses ShareFile as its data repository. This brought up a lot of conversations about consumerization of IT, and what could happen when your company owns all your notes. WorxNotes doesn’t completely solve any of these issues (and it shouldn’t be expected to, either), but it does give IT a way to offer an alternative to consumer products.

XenMobile in the cloud

The cloud version of XenMobile got a quick mention in the keynote, too. I’ve been curious about what’s been going on with it; it turns out that it was launched in the fourth quarter last year without a public announcement. I’ll cover this in a separate article next week, since there’s a lot to say about it and it could be a pretty big deal.

Workspace Suite

Citrix will bundle XenMobile, XenApp, XenDesktop, and ShareFile all together in a single suite. Like we’ve been saying for a while, the merging of all of these elements is the future of end user computing.

Of course, this is a lot what VMware’s Horizon Workspace will look like when they integrate AirWatch. Citrix definitely has a commanding lead in integrating desktop and mobile, but they still made a major move by announcing a 50% discount on Workspace Suite for customers moving off of VMware Horizon or View.

Most of the new XenMobile and Worx updates are expected early this summer, but there was even more that discussed this week that will come later on. For example, there’s all the work and possibilities that will come with integrating Framehawk into HDX, and there’s Citrix Receiver X1, a new concept for Receiver that points to its eventual merger with more of XenMobile’s functions.

Final thoughts on the latest in XenMobile

Out of all the XenMobile progress Citrix showed off, what stands out most to me are all the Worx apps. Citrix is really emerging as a leader when it comes to productivity apps provided by EMM vendors. It was interesting that they didn’t talk much about MDM. While MobileIron, AirWatch, and others are highlighting all the things they can do thanks to iOS 7, the Apple Device Enrollment Program, Samsung Knox, and other Android platforms, Citrix’s emphasis was solidly on their own apps.

The cloud version of XenMobile is likely to have a significant impact, as well, but like I said I’ll spend more time on that next week.

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in the windows section, you forget to mention the support for Windows Pro 8.1 (laptop/tablet). This is only MDM at this point but I'm sure we could assume that worxmail/web could come in a near future to help us BYO laptop and tablets with secure mail...


We are looking at MDM/MAM solutions I'm looking forward to your article on XenMobile in the cloud.  Lots of interesting announcements from Citrix this week!


I really like the approach Citrix is taking with the Worx gallery and their own Worx apps.   I think this is exactly the right strategy given that MDM is becoming increasingly a "commodity" feature.  This is where Citrix can really differentiate themselves, and seems to be doing so with the quality of the Worx apps.