Holy ***! Our tenth BriForum is less than a week away!

Blah blah, awesome agenda, yadda yadda. I say it every year.

Blah blah, awesome agenda, yadda yadda. I say it every year. But seriously... check out the content we're going to talk about next week at BriForum 10:

75-minute Breakout Sessions

Lightning Round Sessions

This year we're also adding a new type of session called "Lightning Rounds" where we have three or four mini sessions in a singe 75-minute slot. The idea for these sessions came from the fact that we wanted to accept many more sessions than we had room for, and also for a bunch of sessions I found myself thinking "I would love to hear this guy talk about this for 15 minutes on this topic, but I can't imagine an hour on it." And bam! The lightning round session was born!

Sponsored Sessions

We've been proud of our sponsored sessions since BriForum 1. (If you've never been to a BriForum, this is the kind of event where the sponsored sessions get just as high ratings as the independent sessions. Yay sponsors!)

always proud of our sponsored sessions.


So hopefully we'll see you all next week at the McCormick Place in Chicago, next week, Tuesday through Thursday. We'll have another BriForum Geek Out, the opening party at Howl-at-the-Moon dueling piano bar, 50-something sessions, 38 speakers, tons of vendors products' in our DEMO lab, and hundreds of geeks. Registration is still available for $1495.

Have you seen our poster for this year's show? (Designed by Gabe's buddy Michael Johnson from Cleveland.)

Briforum 2011 chicago flier

So.. ten BriForums. What's your favorite memory over the years? The latch malfunction from BriForum 2005? The fire and/or bomb threat from BriForum 2006? The holodeck from BriForum 2006 Darmstadt?

By the way, perhaps even more amazing than ten BriForums is the fact that we've actually had five speakers who have presented at every single BriForum! Can you guess who they are?

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You Brian

Tim Mangan

Rick Dehlinger

Two more...

Ron and Benny?

Maybe Shawn actually?


2005 at the AFI was so cool from a venue point of view...loved the parties in the early days too and Brian stocking the coolers with Mountain Dew and Coke between sessions...good times...


Not bad, Mark. It's Brian, Tim, Ron, Benny, &.....

Rick and Shawn both attended the first one, I believe, but didn't speak. There's actually quite a few people on that 9 out of 10 list.

I won't give out the last name just yet :)




Yep the 2005 inaugral BriForum was fantastic. The popcorn machine ...our packed lunches...  happy days!


Looking forwarded to being there next week.  I've attended almost every US based show and well worth it.  I'll be working our booth and attending sessions when I can. The 1st Briforum was the best since it was the 1st!  I still have the Sony PSP I won along with my Briforum binary clock.


Oh yeah, the binary clock!  I just found mine in my drawer!