Hey! We have a new website

We launched a new version of BrianMadden.com last night.

We launched a new version of BrianMadden.com last night. Hopefully the only changes you notice are that it's faster and more available.

A few notes:

  • The forums are pretty cool now.
  • We have the Community News section, which has the RSS feeds of various sites around the web. We don't post the whole articles.. just the first 500 characters or so. Here's an example. We list those on the homepage in that little gray box.
  • We realized after being live for about fifteen minutes that we don't have a captcha test for the comments. So we disabled guest comments for the time-being. But we'll get a captcha thing set up soon and turn those back on. (Maybe)
  • If you were subscribed to any forums by email, you'll probably need to set that up again. Visit the link under the "My Content" menu when you're logged in.
  • You can edit your profile via the "edit" link above the search box in the upper right corner. There you can set things like time zone, profile, post options, enable or disable site-wide email notifications, etc.

I think that's it for now. What are your thoughts?

Oh, for those who are curious, this new platform is based on Telligent's Community Server product. Our setup is pretty much straight out of the box, although we had a good bit of help from the amazing folks at ATGi in Columbus, Ohio.

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Brian, the new website design is awesome. It really loads a lot faster and now only signed-in readers can post comments.



Hey Brian,

The site looks great, and i agree.. yay for no guests.. we can enjoy it till you decide what to do.. congratz on the new home :)

Rene Vester


I definitely love the no guest thing. If you won't put your name down with the comment then you probably shouldn't be commenting anyways. That's my thought at least.

Great update to the site!


aloha brian,

My complements for the new layout, looks great




Looking great!



Looks great. The additional RSS resources are cool too.

It might be a shame if the 'Guest' account *ever* got switched back on!




Hey Brian,

The new site looks great!

Good job,



Looks good Brian. I like the new features in the forums.


to be honest I rather like the old style. it's to much on one site for me :) but hey i keep visiting anyway.

Vote for no more guest posts!!!!


I agree with Hans Straat, in that the new look is pretty busy on the eyes.  I was also wondering how does one go about printing an article  in the new layout?  in the old layout there was a print view which formatted it really good taking out all of the extra content which equals to less paper that is printed out.


How do you print the articles on the new site? Just click "print." (Seriously) We have a style sheet defined for printing in the meta-tags of the page. So now you don't need a specific "printable" page. Instead, just click print, and all modern browsers will render the printed page with the print style sheet instead of the screen style sheet.


If you don't like the main home page, just make one of the other pages your home page. I might suggest the "All Original Posts" page on the "Blogs" menu... That will show just all of our original posts. (duh).. Or, actually, you can just make www.brianmadden.com/blogs your home page. That will just show blog posts--both syndicated from the web and our original stuff.

Both of those pages are much simpler than the default home page.


Like the look Brian and no to guests from me.


The site looks great.

good choice to disable the guest account


Looks great already!!

Good job.


It's a lot quicker - like it


Lookin' good!  The innane trash posted by some (not all) guests was one of the things that put me off posting and participating before, so I'm all for the new format. Keep up the great work.


It took a while to notice the new tag line.  No SBC or Terminal Server, or even "Presentation Virtualization"???  Sounds like you've been on the left coast too long already!


I think the new site looks great...and I like the Site Activity column.


the website is TOO busy....too much stuff to distract you unlike before....not a fan of it all.