Here are the details for the first 32 (of 56) BriForum 2009 breakout sessions

BriForum 2009 will take place July 21-23 in Chicago. This year will be our seventh (!) conference.

BriForum 2009 will take place July 21-23 in Chicago. This year will be our seventh (!) conference.

We both spent a lot of time this year going through the session submissions. We had more submissions than ever, which meant that while our job of picking sessions was really hard, we also have the strongest conference ever.

Here’s a quick list of the sessions whose details we have posted so far. (Each session in linked to its description on

By the way, starting on Monday we’re going to “feature” one session each day, where we’ll write an article about it and give everyone a chance to share their thoughts and opinions with the presenter BEFORE they finalize their session. We think that will be better than typical session feedback loops which collect feedback after the session is over, when it’s too late to change it. So now since we have blogs and twitter and all that, we figured we’d publish a blog post about each session up front. (But don’t worry, we’ll still have our regular blog content for those not interested in the BriForum sessions.)

A sample of the BriForum 2009 breakout sessions

  • The All New, Totally Redone, Windows 2008 R2 Logon Process Chart
  • App-V: Sequencing and Deploying Using MSI and Active Upgrade
  • Behind the Scenes: Mastering User Profiles in Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop Environments
  • Behind the Scenes: Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Exposed
  • Citrix Provisioning Server Strategies: From High Availability to Throughput and Reliability - How to Survive Demanding Customers
  • Cloud Computing -- What Does It Mean To Me?
  • A Complete Application and Desktop Delivery Solutions Overview
  • Decreasing VDI Login Times
  • A Deep Dive Into the 20 Year History and Technical Developments of Citrix Systems
  • Dynamic Server Provisioning: This is How We Do It!
  • Getting Ready for the W2K8 and 64-Bit Revolution
  • High Availability Guarantees Enterprise Uptime -- But Do You Really Need a Netscaler?
  • How Remote Desktop Protocol Graphics and Media Remoting Really Works
  • Hyper-V and System Center: How Good Can it Be?
  • Hypervisors vs. OS Virtualization Smackdown
  • An Inside Look at the Gotchas of Desktop Migration
  • Inside the OS
  • An Introduction to Citrix Workflow Studio
  • Looking Towards the New Desktop
  • Maximizing Your SBC OS and Hardware Investments During Difficult Times
  • Project VRC: Performance Best Practices for Virtualizing Desktops and Terminal Services
  • Quick and Dirty Performance Analysis
  • Running XenDesktop and Provisioning Server with VMware ESX
  • Saving Administration Costs by Utilizing the Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Print Management Features of Windows 2003 and 2008
  • Understanding Microsoft Licensing for Client and Server Virtualization Environments
  • Use of Layers in Desktop Virtualization Management
  • VMware Infrastructure Best Practices: Tips and Tricks
  • Why did that application just disappear?
  • Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2: Experience Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP7 -- Think Outside of These Four Walls)
  • Windows 7: Changing the face of VDI?
  • Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services:  Honest Opinions One Year Later
  • XenApp Fringe Benefit

    (This list is only 32 of the 56 total sessions and is accurate as of June 4. Check the session page on for the most recent list.)

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    Is Ron Oglesby not presenting this year?


    Yes, Ron is presenting. He'll be talking about how you size a VM or ts server, based on what apps and physical hardware the user has.