Happy First Birthday to the BrianMadden.com Support Forum!

It was a year ago that the BrianMadden.com Forum

It was a year ago that the BrianMadden.com Forum (www.brianmadden.com/forum) officially opened for traffic. (“Licensing Type for multiple POS locations” was the first post.) The forum started because I didn’t like answering the same questions again and again via email. I figured that if I made a public (and “Googleable”) place to answer questions that my email load would decrease. (I was of course wrong about this.)

Instead of just affecting my email load, the forums have become the most active non-vendor controlled server-based community on the Internet. 12 months and one million visitors later, we’ve had over 14,000 posts to 19 forums by 1700 registered users (and thousands of guests).

And what’s a birthday without presents?

As our way of saying “thanks” to our most active members of the community, we’re awarding gift cards to Best Buy. We’re giving Jeff Pitsch $500 for being the most helpful community member over the past twelve months. Shawn Bass is getting $250 and Michael Burke is getting $100.

Thanks to them and the thousands of other people who have posted to the forum over the past year, we’re getting about 150 new posts a day. This online forum extends the reach of community events like BriForum and Pubforum, and it's what makes me proud to be part of this community. So if you have a question, you know where to post it. (Feel free to answer some of the community’s questions too.)

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Totally unexpected. Thanks for your generosity.

keep it up mate...

a fellow Brian
Just as a Windows *** Citrix Admin and feel excited about a favorite web site's birthday.
This "School Has Excellent Teacher" A first-class mind.
Extraordinary very practical Industry Buzz site.


Yeah,I should thank it too.