Give us your questions for the Citrix Synergy Geek Speak Tonight! panelists

One of the most fun parts of Citrix Synergy is Geek Speak Tonight! Geek Speak Tonight!

One of the most fun parts of Citrix Synergy is Geek Speak Tonight! Geek Speak Tonight! features experts (both community members and folks from Citrix) debating the technology issues facing our community today. It's pretty informal and off-the-cuff, and there are always some good laughs, too.

This year's session takes place at 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday, May 22, at Citrix Synergy in Anaheim, California. The first hour of the session, moderated by Dan Feller (Twitter @djfeller) from Citrix, will cover desktop virtualization. The panelists for the first half will be:

The second hour of the session will cover enterprise mobility management, and I'm honored that the folks at Synergy have asked me to be the moderator. Here's the line-up:

  • Shawn Bass (@shawnbass)
  • Thomas Krampe (@thomaskrampe)
  • Waheed Qureshi, Citrix CTO for XenMobile
  • Injong Rhee, SVP and Head of Technology Strategy and Enterprise R&D at Samsung

But here's where we need your help: you can give us your questions for the speakers. I have plenty of ideas for things to ask them about, but what makes this great is that we can get the community involved.

You can post your questions here to this Podio web form, tweet at any one of us (I'm @jackmadden), or leave a comment below. And if you're not going to be at Synergy, remember that Citrix will stream the whole session live. See you there!

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Here's a pool of 5 questions/comments for each session that I quickly put together that many just I predict will beat around the bush or avoid answering. Let's see how many get asked! More importantly will they be answered? I hope it's a good event, have fun all, sorry I can't even attend remotely this year.

Desktoptop Panel

1) Who's setting desktop direction at Citrix? They have more CTOs now than consoles. Doesn't seem like anything much is happening to enable stateless desktops. Does anybody really get it? While significant, Excalibur is not the answer as that's just fixing a problem with legacy Citrix IMA architecture. If nothing, can we please end this session and stop pretending that Citrix give a damn about the desktop and move on to the mobile session.

2) If Citrix is not going to enable stateless desktops, make incremental progress (i.e Ringcube), require expensive add ons (i.e app-v now that its dropped in Excalibur). Should we all just focus on stateful VDI only and get that to work better and cheaper? If Citrix tell us more bullshit how they are going to drop the cost of VDI then we should collectively sigh, as they are saying we are not solving for the stateless desktop.

- If so. Does Atlantis computing work? If so should Citrix acquire them to enable stateless desktops?

3) Can we finally tell all the VDI grim reapers to F-off? XenApp is not mainstream either and all you XenApp bigots spend hundreds and millions of dollars still every year. VDI is different and it will continue to grow because it solves a lot of problems that XenApp doesn't.

- People stating XenApp can be used for VDI have no clue what VDI is for? It's a different use case stupid. Published desktops are a different low cost niche use case that is great for XenApp silo user environments.

4) If Citrix bought Bromium, would it be just another Xen they did nothing with, or could they change the game and get into the security business end to end combined with their Netscaler assets?

- Assuming Simon Crosby hogs the microphone , which I am confident he will :-) Can he please explain why micro virtualization removes the need for Anti Virus beyond stating AV is just for SOX compliance. Serious question.

5) Now that AppSense has fired their management team without any explanation, the RES CEO has publicly has given up on UV and calls it a secondary focus as he trys' to excite us with an IT shop vision. What is the future for UV? Is it an opportunity for smaller players to fill the void? If Harry Labana is in the audience I'd love to hear what he thinks and ask what his next move is.

Mobile Panel

1) Why did Citrix spend $355M or so on a legacy MDM vendor? Is that good use of shareholder money? Is it just Citrix saying oh *** we are late, gotta do something and marketing will help us figure out how to brainwash all the fools we sell it to?

- MDM is not secure, its hackable, and provides a false sense of security and undifferentiated IP that is of low value.

2) What is the future of the mobile players. I.e Good, MDM/MAM. What is their future value proposition? i.e If Good/Airwatch/Mobile Iron go public, what is their perceived value to justify a market that supports a price. Clearly it's not MDM.

3) I bet the audience (including me) know very little about the difference between Citrix MAM or any other MAM. Very nascent understanding means a very slow adoption. Good news for MDM folks I guess. Jack hurry up and write up some of this stuff. Or is it another Ruben smackdown topic?

4) DropBox is not a problem that Sharefile will fix. DropBox is something people like using that needs to be enabled. What is so hard to understand about that? Enough of these B solutions. Citrix failed to buy Box, so a smarter move would be to enable something else that people want vs. attacking it. Box is your real problem, not DropBox.

5) Samsung Knox is just a license of mobile spaces I hear. AKA POS looking for revenue via OEM. Android will remain irrelevant for most enterprise use cases for at least 2 years.


I'll suggest a few too:

1) What does Citrix estimate is the % usage of session virt (XenApp) vs. persistent VDI vs. non-persistent VDI? It's all one license in XenDesktop so there's probably no accurate way to find out, but anecdotally what do they think? And what do they see as the long-term trend?

2) 15 years ago Citrix was worried that WinFrame was just a "band aid" for deployment of legacy Windows apps, and that Web/Java technologies would take over. The Windows desktop virtualization business is bigger than ever - how long will that continue? Is it really true that only cockroaches and Windows apps will survive the holocaust?

3) Windows 8 - is there a strong use case for virtualizing and deploying Metro/Modern/Windows Store apps?

4) What do they think of RDP 8?

Sorry I won't be there to hear the responses :)



Oh, actually I will be there... and so might Mr. appdetective (or Mrs?) ...


Har... I mean AppDective, there are many other questions that people want asked onight.  what one question from each of your groups do you want me to ask?