Get ready for iOS 11- Friday Notebook, September 15

Also including VMworld Europe, MobileIron Cloud, XenMobile 10.7, the “Mobile Authentication Task Force,” Mike Nelson, Theresa Miller, and more.

This is our weekly log of everything that’s happened in the EUC, EMM, and desktop virtualization space, collected and co-written by Jack and Gabe. (Note: We skipped the September 8 Friday Notebook.)


We skipped the last Friday Notebook since it was a short week. This week, the biggest story (aside from the Equifax breach) is probably Apple’s iPhone announcement and the news that iOS 11 will drop on Tuesday, September 19. (Get your networks ready for all your users to download a 2GB update!) For more on iOS 11, head to our initial coverage from WWDC.

Related to iOS 11, stay tuned for our next podcast, coming on Monday, September 18. Jack interviewed Aaron Freimark and Russ Mohr, digging deep into iOS 11, tethered MDM, caching, and more, as well as thoughts on Face ID and Apple Watch Series 3. Aaron also has a few recent blog posts about iOS 11, including some important information about DEP.

VMworld Europe ran in Barcelona this week. Much of the content was the same as VMworld US, and you can find all of our coverage in the Friday Notebook for September 1. One new announcement is the addition of 6 more vendors in the Mobile Security Alliance; and last week AirWatch announced SDK plugins Cordova, Xamarin, and SAP Fiori (coming soon).

Also related to VMworld US, Gabe wrote about vMotion for NVIDIA vGPU, Dell VDI Complete, and ThinPrint eZeep Dash, and Jack tool a closer look at Workspace One Mobile Flows.

Lastly, here are more mobile tidbits:

Our blog posts

Jack: In 2017, Mobile Threat Defense is finding its groove - Part 3 - The market. For years, most of the enterprise has ignored mobile threat defense, but now it’s getting much more attention. Part 3 of this series looks at who is buying it, and why.

Jack: 2017 should be an inflection point for Mac management. Apple File System means some Mac shops will have to change their deployment processes; and for other organizations, the EUC environment is at a point where Mac management should be the next step.

Gabe: NVIDIA, Dell, and ThinPrint: Circling back to other VMworld announcements. With VMworld in the rear view mirror, let's look into some of the other announcements that came out of the show. Today, we'll talk about vMotion for NVIDIA vGPU, Dell VDI Complete, and ThinPrint eZeep Dash.

Mike Nelson: The 'death' of Windows Nano Server. Microsoft recently made Nano Server a “containers-only” platform. MVP Mike Nelson explains why they’re missing an opportunity.

Jack: A closer look at VMware Workspace One Mobile Flows. What’s a “workflow” app? Is VMware getting into the app dev game? Find out here.

Gabe: Intro to Elastic GPUs, a new feature of AWS EC2. Until now, GPUs were tied to specific hardware instances, meaning you paid for them even if you didn't run apps that used the GPU. With Elastic GPUs, AWS has introduced pay-as-you-go GPUs.

Theresa Miller: Make your Office 365 migration as seamless as possible. Theresa Miller covers the benefits of hybrid Exchange, group considerations, communications, and other advice for a smooth transition.

Jack: FUIT: Get your company to adopt the new NIST password guidelines. Newer federal guidelines do away with rotation and complexity requirements. Users will love this!

Jack: (writing at fellow TechTarget site SearchMobileComputing) RMAD tools enhance app dev but come with tradeoffs. Organizations looking to create their own mobile apps may choose RMAD tools over building native apps from scratch. There’s a huge variety of approaches, so do your research.

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