GeekOut 365 video showcase: Deploying Win10? Focus on user experience

Sit back, enjoy your Friday morning coffee, and consider vGPUs

We here at know we have some excellent videos from the community over on GeekOut 365, but some of our readers may not. So, on Fridays, in addition to our regular Friday Notebook series, we’re going to highlight videos from GeekOut 365 that we feel you should check out.

For the inaugural video showcase, we’ve selected one of the recent TeamRGE videos from our 2018 webinar series. This video, from Erik Bohnhorst, performance engineering lead architect at NVIDIA, takes a look at how organizations should focus on user experience when undergoing Windows 10 deployment and why vGPUs should be part of that.

Watch the TeamRGE GeekOut 365 video from Erik Bohnhorst here

In the video, Erik covers what customers come to NVIDIA wanting out of their desktop virtualization environments. They want to ensure they provide a nearly equal experience for end users that local desktops provide. However, that’s quite a tall task and there will be tradeoffs to get close. So, companies should focus on just getting as close as possible in replicating the experience. And what does NVIDIA suggest? Investing in vGPUs, over just providing CPUs to end users.

Erik covers how vGPUs come closer to replicating the local desktop experience. He provides tests that NVIDIA conducted showing the real-world experience users receive with just CPUs and when also provided vGPUs.

If you enjoyed the video about setting up your virtualization environment for improved user experience, you might be interested in the rest of the TeamRGE webinar series as well as some of our other GeekOut 365 videos on Windows 10.

Check back next Friday for our next highlighted video!

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