GeekOut 365 video: What datacenter GPU options are there?

A quick overview of the available datacenter GPU options out on the marketplace.

This week, we examine the current datacenter GPU options and whether Windows is dead!

Ruben Spruijt, Field CTO at Frame (which recently got acquired by Nutanix), returns for his third and final webinar for GeekOut 365; he was definitely busy during this event. He previously covered WhatMatrix, an IT comparison website. Ruben, and Jits Langedijk, put together a page comparing GPUs. He also hosted a webinar on public cloud GPUs. For his third and final webinar, Ruben covers datacenter GPUs.

Ruben begins by going over the long-running argument about the supposed death of Windows, and, as we know, just how long it will continue to be around; too many companies still rely on it.

Watch Ruben examine datacenter GPU options here

Moving on, he explains how he sees an uptick in virtual client computing in cloud and mobile. And while the GPU focus is mainly on virtual workstations, it’s also useful for mobile apps.

This webinar is fairly short, so Ruben provides a quick overview of AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA datacenter GPU options and where each differentiates. With NVIDIA being far and away the most popular, Ruben notes that he hopes to see AMD and Intel provide some competition, to help drive innovation and maybe even reduce costs.

Check out the video and learn about Ruben’s viewpoint toward datacenter GPUs and more before enjoying the long holiday weekend (for those in the U.S. anyway)!

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