GeekOut 365 video: Use WhatMatrix for comparing GPUs for your environment

With WhatMatrix, users can compare GPUs (& a whole lot more) with evaluations provided by independent community experts.

For the last GeekOut video showcase of June, we look at helping you decide on the best GPU for your desktop virtualization setup.

In this week’s TeamRGE webinar, Ruben Spruijt, Field CTO at Frame, and Jits Langedijk, technology officer at PQR, show off WhatMatrix, which they (along with others at TeamRGE and those in the community) created. The site offers comparisons on a variety of tech, including EMM, app virtualization, and more.

Specifically, they show off the (at the time) beta version of a new page that compares GPUs down to every granular detail. Ruben and Jits, along with Jits' PQR colleague Patrick van den Born, collaborated on this brand-new WhatMatrix comparison page, which allows users to select the specific GPUs between AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel.

Watch Ruben and Jits webinar on comparing GPUs with WhatMatrix here

It’s a short and sweet video showing off a new tool for users that will help them make the right GPU selection for their particular environment. The video also provides an overview of WhatMatrix for people maybe not familiar with this IT comparison site and community.

See you back here for the next video showcase after the Fourth of July holiday!

Comparing GPUs with WhatMatrix

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