GeekOut 365 video: Use SD-WAN to enhance global user experience

Ensure great UX for your remote or global employees over long-distance WAN.

As we speed toward the end of June in little over a week (already?!), we’re returning to a constant theme with TeamRGE: user experience.

This time, we’re highlighting a video from Rody Kossen, senior system engineer at AWL-Techniek, whose company found itself quickly expanding office locations across the world, growing from just two in 2003 to six locations in 2018. This growth necessitated the need for the creation of a desktop virtualization platform to ensure consistent performance no matter the location of each AWL branch.

Rody reviews how focusing on actual UX is an imperative, regardless of what IT believes users should be experiencing (just trust your employees—if they say something sucks, it sucks). Functionality should come before technical solutions.

Watch Rody’s TeamRGE video on SD-WAN helping UX here

In the video he lays out the approach AWL-Techniek took to ensuring users at remote locations enjoyed a good virtualized UX. After the platform was up and running, the company took a survey of remote users to determine how everything was running and where they could improve.

They asked about screen quality as users moved through projects and documents, as well as if text was readable or blurry. With the survey data, AWL could determine the best remote display protocols to use going forward.

Check out the video to learn more about how Rody and AWL solved their long-haul WAN issues to provide users with the best virtualized desktop experience. Other TeamRGE videos are here!

Come back next week for the final TeamRGE video of June!

SD-WAN GeekOut 365 video showcase

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