GeekOut 365 video: Use Remote Display Analyzer to determine ideal end-user experience

Figure out the best possible UX for each device, location, and user with the Remote Display Analyzer

TeamRGE showed off a lot of interesting tools to help users improve end-user experience during the GeekOut 365 event earlier this year, and here is another: the Remote Display Analyzer.

It was created by Barry Schiffer, IT architect at SLTN Inter Access, and Bram Wolfs, IT consultant focusing on EUC, who I previously highlighted for their webinar on determining the best remote display protocols for desktop virtualization.

They came up with the idea for Remote Display Analyzer while working together on multiple projects and trying to figure out the best Citrix remote display protocol for each. In the webinar, they explain that they had three goals with their tool: show session-applicable information, quickly change settings, and troubleshoot configurations.

Version 1.0 released in 2016, and focused only on Citrix at first.

Watch Barry and Bram breakdown Remote Display Analyzer 2.0 here

In the webinar, Barry and Bram explain the latest features in Remote Display Analyzer 2.0, which released shortly before GeekOut 365 happened. At this point, their tool supported HDX, RDP, Horizon View, and PCoIP. They had about 5,000 users.

Version 3.0 has since come out as of August 2018, adding support for more of the latest remote display protocol configurations. Remote Display Analyzer is available either in a free Community edition or Subscribed edition.

See you here next week or at VMworld!

Remote display analyzer

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Hello, I am not able to run RDA as No supported display mode detected coming even after setting Citrix and icaperf.dll