GeekOut 365 video: Shaping the future of Remote Desktop Services with RDmi

RDmi represents a huge step forward, providing a PaaS model, multitenancy, HTML5, and much more.

Microsoft announced Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure (RDmi) last year and it remains in private preview as of this posting date. Customers eager to try the latest form of the Remote Desktop Services platform should check out this week's TeamRGE video showing off an early technical preview of RDmi.

Freek Berson, a remoting Windows enthusiast, provides a quick snapshot into the latest in Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. In this TeamRGE webinar, Berson examines what it means to run RDS on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, the changes to RDS, and HTML5 getting added.

See the TeamRGE webinar on the evolution of RDS with RDmi here

After a short explanation of the current iteration of RDS and the changes RDmi brings, Berson provides a live demo for those curious but so far haven’t given this latest incarnation of Remote Desktop Services a try. First, he provides a demo of a traditional RDS deployment on Azure before showing off RDmi.

RDmi and RDS 2016 both support clientless access from a modern browser, but the big difference Berson points out is that there are no virtual machines for the RDmi infrastructure. This is because RDmi is more based on PaaS model than before and the previous roles are now .NET services. He also notes there are a few aspects, such a handling multimedia, that he has not yet tested himself as this is still an early version of technical preview. Check out the video to learn more about RDmi.

As always, we hope you enjoyed this TeamRGE video from Berson. You can find the other TeamRGE videos here and our vast library of VDI videos here.

See you next week!

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It will be nice to compare this with AWS workspaces?
Absolutely! Once RDMI reaches Public Preview we'll have a better view of all the features that will be included in the first GA release to do a proper comparison.
Let's hope this is not another Azure Remote App. 
I totally get that, I really believe that RDmi is the far better approach. ARA was a Blackbox SaaS service. RDmi is a Platform approach and allows for way more flexibility and control.

So is AwS Workspaces. SaaS. It’s working fine in the field.
Microsoft needs to do a good job this time. If the product is half-baked or the quality is lousy, they will never get a chance again.

How are updates handled to the infrastructure? I mean who is upgrading bug fixes or applying patches?
Not 100% clear as of today. Since the RD Infrastructure components are now Azure Services, Microsoft is responsible for bug fixes and patches to those services. And as admin you will be able to start leveraging those updates services by applying the updates services in your RDmi Deployment. This excludes the RDSH component since this is still based on IaaS and you’re fully in control of that.

The last time I spoke to the Microsoft team it became clear that they are disconnected from reality. Microsoft team did not understand the need for VDI. They are all about RDCALS and don’t care about what customers want. RDMi is late to the market and 3 years behind AWS workspaces.
Wasn’t this supposed to ship in 2017? Any word on when it will GA? Amazon ships new bits every month.
Shipping soon! It’s been the case for 12 months