GeekOut 365 video: REX Analytics helps benchmark end user experience

Reduce friction for the remote end user experience with another fun tool from TeamRGE.

Can’t believe we’re already over halfway through July! It’s all flying by. This week, we’re covering a TeamRGE webinar hosted by two current contributors: Dr. Benny Tritsch and Kristin L. Griffin.

Benny, an independent EUC consultant and founder of, and Kristin, a managing partner of RDS Gurus, developed a tool designed to help IT effectively benchmark remote end user experience. This tool, Remote End User Experience (REX) Analytics, is a combination of a few different frameworks and designed to help IT more quickly determine where the bottleneck is.

Benny and Kristin developed REX Analytics to help “de-suckify” the remote end user experience and to serve as a light in the darkness. REX Analytics is designed to be implemented and used in a matter of days, instead of IT having to build their own setup over the course of a month or two. Know more quickly what remote UX is like, from graphical, infrastructure, and response time viewpoint. It can be run both on-premises and in the cloud.

Watch Benny and Kristin’s webinar about using REX Analytics here

remote end user experience benchmarking with REX

After explaining what REX Analytics can do, Benny shows off a cool demo examining five different potential situations remote users will experience on Azure, RDP, and others. REX Analytics is another neat tool, much like Magnar Johnsen’s UXMeter, shown off in last week’s GeekOut 365 video showcase.

Check the video out and learn more about how REX Analytics works and how it might help your organization.

Thanks for watching! Next week we’ll cover sizing GPU with a couple tools.

benchmark remote end user experience w/REX

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