GeekOut 365 video: Public cloud GPU smackdown

Ruben Spruijt offers up his unfiltered thoughts on cloud GPU options in the latest GeekOut 365 video showcase

We’re just blowing right through summer. It’s August already. Hope you’re staying cool!

We’re highlighting a short video this week from Ruben Spruijt, field CTO at Frame. It’s the second webinar he did during the TeamRGE event. We previously covered the first one where he shows off WhatMatrix and how it helps compare GPUs.

In this webinar, Ruben offers up some unfiltered thoughts regarding public cloud GPU options (that were available as of earlier this year). While he doesn’t believe there will be a “year of VDI” or “year of DaaS,” he does see more and more people focusing on remote apps and delivery.

Watch Ruben offer insights into GPU options in the public cloud

Of course, you have your graphics-heavy apps like AutoDesk and Maya, but many other apps like browsers and Microsoft Office need GPU—even if it’s just a small slice—to run properly.

Ruben explains how many of the current public cloud GPU options are more focused around machine and deep learning rather than remote graphics on virtual machines.

With that out of the way, Ruben then covers the various GPU options available, such as Amazon Elastic Graphics, AWS, Azure, and others. Watch the video to hear his thoughts on the matter; it’s interesting and will only take 10 minutes of your time.

Have a relaxing weekend!

public cloud gpu smackdown

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