GeekOut 365 video: Optimizing your Citrix VDI display protocol choice for UX & resource usage

Which Citrix display protocols are ideal for reducing resource consumption? TeamRGE is here to help.

Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s inaugural post showing off one community video from TeamRGE. This week, we’re highlighting a video looking at Citrix VDI display protocols from Rasmus Raun-Nielsen, who is a senior systems consultant at the Danish company, Conecto A/S. He believes that graphics acceleration should be for all end users now and not just designers and engineers.

Last week’s TeamRGE video took a look at improving the user experience through addition of vGPUs and this is a continuation of our UX focus. Rasmus agrees with Erik Bohnhorst that virtualization requires compromise, but with today’s tech, how close can you come to the local desktop experience? He decided to test four Citrix VDI display protocols to see which provided the best end user experience while reducing resource consumption on endpoints.

Check out Rasmus Raun-Nielsen’s TeamRGE webinar here

He specifically ran endpoint testing simulations with Thinwire+, H.264, H.265, and Adaptive Display v2. Rasmus examined the bandwidth usage, framerate, and CPU usage between all four options both with and without Receiver hardware acceleration enabled.

I won’t spoil the results; you’ll have to watch the fairly brief video to see what Rasmus discovered while testing the display protocols. But, if you’re interested in more TeamRGE videos after watching this week's, you can click here for more covering graphics and GPU.

See you next Friday and have an excellent weekend!

citrix vdi video screenshot

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