GeekOut 365 video: Deciding which NVIDIA GPU Scheduler option is optimal for you

TeamRGE is here to help you decide on the best GPU scheduler that will work for your company’s vGPU needs.

This week, we’re looking at NVIDIA’s GPU Scheduler and helping IT decide which of the three scheduling options would be optimal for your organization's virtualized environment.

Jits Langedijk, a technology officer at PQR, returns to host this webinar on his own. I previously highlighted his webinar (hosted alongside Ruben Spruijt) about comparing GPUs using WhatMatrix.

NVIDIA offers three scheduling options (all done using round robin): Best Effort, Equal Share, and Fixed Share. The first option shipped with the August GRID release and only works with Maxwell-based GPUs, while the latter two work with Pascal-based GPUs.

Watch Jits review the NVIDIA GPU Scheduler options here

Jits explores the pros and cons of all three options. Best Effort offers the most efficient GPU utilization, but users will run up against noisy neighbors. Equal Share and Fixed Share avoid the noisy neighbor problem, but the GPU utilization might not be optimal for users, especially with Fixed Share. Best Effort and Equal Share work better for organizations with known workloads, while Fixed Share is best for cloud deployments.

Included in the video is an easy-to-reference cheat sheet comparison of all three GPU scheduler options. Watch the video and learn more about the three NVIDIA GPU scheduler options.

gpu scheduler cheat sheet

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