GeekOut 365 video: Citrix HDX support for H.265 codec

It’s still early days for the H.265/HEVC video codec, but Citrix is already on board to help modernize the remote desktop experience.

September already! It’s been a week since VMworld and Jack and I are mostly recovered by now! Anyway, time to highlight another GeekOut 365 webinar.

This one comes from Rick Dehlinger, principal solutions architect at Citrix. He’s here to cover H.265/HEVC, the successor to H.264/AVC, being added to Citrix HDX.

Rick explains what exactly H.265 is and what this codec offers over H.264, as well as the current use cases that make the most sense for it. He also reviews the software and hardware pre-requisites one needs (for example: most current NVIDIA GPUs support H.265, but older ones like M10 do not).

Watch Rick explore Citrix’s addition of H.265 support here

Since this video is from January, we were curious to see if there was any more news on H.265 and reached out to Rick. In the video, he mentions it’s only currently compatible with is a Windows-based receiver for offloading, but more receiver clients would be added in time. Unfortunately, Citrix has not yet added H.265 offloading for any other clients yet.

And it is with a heavy heart that I’m here to say that this is the final GeekOut 365 video highlight. We’ve now covered all the amazing webinars done by TeamRGE members earlier this year. If you haven’t been following our Friday GeekOut posts (shame on you), you can watch all the GeekOut 365 webinars here.

Thank you and have an excellent weekend!

H.265 support in Citrix HDX

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