GeekOut 365 video: Choosing the right remote display protocol for desktop virtualization

‘Protocol Wars’ continue to this day. TeamRGE will educate you on the differences between leading remote display protocols.

It’s starting to get hot outside (where did spring go?), so stay inside and watch a TeamRGE video about the differences between remote display protocols. Arm yourself with the knowledge to know what remote display protocol might be ideal for your business for initial setup or an impending upgrade.

Barry Schiffer, an IT architect at SLTN Inter Access, and Bram Wolfs, an IT consultant with a focus on end user computing, hosted a TeamRGE webinar explaining that user experience is integral when deciding on the best remote display protocol between Microsoft RDP, VMware Blast (now known as Blast Extreme), and Citrix HDX. There are three things to consider: UX, server density impact, and bandwidth utilization.

Check out Barry and Bram’s TeamRGE webinar on remote display protocols here

They cover the two codecs to choose from: bitmap based or video based; reviewing the use cases for each, as well as the pros and cons. Schiffer and Wolfs discuss how each of the three major players handle the limitations of video-based codecs for desktop virtualization and how to compare each before making a purchasing decision.

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Come back next Friday where we’ll look at Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure!

Remote Display Protocol GO365 Screenshot

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