GeekOut 365 video: Augmented reality and mixed reality 101

Happy belated Fourth of July! Get an overview of augmented reality and mixed reality here.

For this short, holiday week, we’re highlighting a TeamRGE webinar that provides an overview of mixed reality and augmented reality.

Thomas Poppelgaard, an independent consultant in the end user computing field, is our host for this mixed reality 101. (This is my first time seeing these videos from the TeamRGE event from earlier in the year and Thomas exhibits the most enthusiasm toward his topic, which made the video even more fun to watch!)

Unlike some other videos we highlighted, Thomas is only here to provide a simplebreakdown of the current field of augmented reality and mixed reality, along with the currently available products and their current/future use cases.

Watch Thomas break down the latest in Augmented Reality for desktop virt here

One interesting use case he highlights, is being able to get work done while attending a conference and not having to worry about anyone looking at your screen. With MR and AR glasses and headsets, you can quietly get all your work done, probably a lot more securely than just typing out in the open on your laptop. However, you might get some stares until these headsets become the norm.

Thomas also shows off some demos and images he has of all the various augmented and mixed reality experiences. One usage was when he was visiting Iceland and was out and about, he decided to get a little work done, and another was using the augmented reality equipment to go beyond the limitations of the normal desktop monitor.  

This is an excellent primer if you’re interested in mixed reality and augmented reality and aren’t sure of the available equipment and the current experience.

Have an excellent weekend!

Mixed reality TeamRGE webinar screenshot

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