GeekOut 365 update: Launch date, topics, sponsors, BriForum videos

We have more details to share about GeekOut 365, which launches on July 18th with 11 new videos and every BriForum session from 2012 through 2016.

With just about a month to go until the launch of GeekOut 365, our new video platform featuring the same awesome content that we had at BriForum, Jack and I—as well as our product team that's actually building the platform—are hard at work getting ready. We anticipate that the launch will be on July 18, and I want to take a minute a share where we are with the process.


As you know, GeekOut 365 is free, but we still need sponsors to make it successful. The first two sponsors of GeekOut 365, (let's call them "Founding Sponsors" since that sounds cool) are NVIDIA and Nerdio, and we're extremely happy that they're supporting us in this new venture. They are producing content that will be presented alongside all the other content we're creating, so if virtualized GPUs or IT-as-a-Service (basically fully-managed DaaS) are interesting to you, you'll soon be able to see and hear what they have to say.

New Content

A while back, we put out a Call for Papers looking for content for the initial release of GeekOut 365. From those submissions, we've accepted the following awesome topics to go along with sessions from Jack and me:

  • Yury Magalif – Why is my computer slow? Understanding what causes desktop performance slowdowns.
  • Tim Mangan – Adventures in AppLand: What you need to know about how applications work in order to deploy and manage them better.
  • Rory Monaghan – Navigating the Application Virtualization Landscape
  • Theresa Miller – Make sure your Office 365 email is secure and compliant…or else!
  • Mike Nelson – Some way cool things you can do in Office 365 with Azure
  • Ruben Spruijt and Benny Tritsch – Comparing Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA performance impact on bandwidth, scalability, and user experience.

BriForum Video Back Catalog

The bulk of the work Jack and I are doing relates to the back catalog of videos. At launch, GeekOut 365 will not only include the new content above (and fresh content at regular intervals), but you'll also have access to our back catalog of BriForum videos dating back to 2012. (Going all the way back to 2005, while possible, is kind of challenging because those video files are Flash. Yeah. That Flash! Plus, who wants to see how old we've all gotten?)

Jack and I have spent hours upon hours tagging each of the 400 videos that we recorded from 2012 through 2016, and when we're done we'll finally be able to say we have the one-stop-shop for BriForum videos that we've always wanted to have.

We're super excited to get this off the ground. We know we can't replace the networking or conference feel of BriForum (and we'd be embarrassed to try to use one of those "Virtual Conference" platforms with fake trade show booths that you walk your avatar up to watch a video, or worse, live chat with), but we can keep the content going. That's our goal: to deliver the same kind of content everyone has come to expect from BriForum over the years, and to do it on a regular basis.

We hope you're excited, or at least curious, too.

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