GeekOut 365 is live!

Explore great new technical videos, plus the best of BriForum.

Today we're extremely happy to release GeekOut 365, our new online home for the same independent, technical content that you came to expect from BriForum.

When we were asked to come up with the successor to BriForum, we had our work cut out for us. TechTarget has moved on from live events, so this had to be online. We wanted it to be free so that anyone could view the content. We wanted to stay away from gimmicky virtual trade shows and online conferences because the user experience for those is never good (see, even now we're focused on user experience!). We wanted it to also serve as the back catalog for all the BriForum videos we’ve recorded. Most of all, we wanted to build a site that we would like to use, in much the same way that BriForum was built as the conference we'd want to go to.

After six months of development, GeekOut 365 is here, and we're very happy with the results! The Product Development team at TechTarget did a great job making our vision come to life, and we hope that you're as happy with it as we are.

We’re launching with some great brand new videos, and we'll continue to update the site year-round so it always has the most up-to-date, expert-led sessions on the hottest topics in EUC. Plus, all the content is free, thanks in part to founding sponsors NVIDIA, Nerdio, and Pure Storage.

You can check it out for yourself by clicking here, clicking on GeekOut 365 in the navigation bar, or visiting

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