Gabe and Brian are hiring a full-time San Francisco-based assistant (Justin got the job!)

As the popularity of desktop virtualization increases, the popularity of increases.

As the popularity of desktop virtualization increases, the popularity of increases. This is great, except Gabe and I are pulled in a lot of different directions and there's definitely more work than we can handle. But we're both excited that we've just received approval to hire a full-time assistant to help us run and This job will be based in our office in San Francisco.

Remember that was acquired by TechTarget back in 2008 (Gabe and I are currently both full time employees of TechTarget), so this new person will be a full-time TechTarget employee also. TechTarget doesn't exactly have a job description that fits what we're looking for, so we worked with HR and our manager to describe the job as best we could. (I think the title is officially "Associate Multimedia Editor," although that probably doesn't mean much because my official title is "Editorial Director" and Gabe's is "Site Editor.")

Basically the job can be summed up like this: You will work full-time along side Brian and Gabe doing all the stuff they don't have time to do and helping them have as much time as possible to write and record videos.

When we started kicking around ideas for things we want the new person to do, it quickly occurred to us that while there will be a lot of "media" tasks (video editing, camera work, etc.), we really need someone who already has a basic understanding of IT and desktop virtualization. In other words we think it will be pretty easy for a person with some basic IT smarts to learn all the video tasks in a few months, but it would take years to try to teach a video person everything they need to know about desktop virtualization in order to edit videos on their own.

Here's a list (in random order) of the types of things that we want this new person to do:

  • Edit raw video footage into final videos for posting to the site.
  • Operate the video camera and the sound mixer for our interviews, Geek Week, etc.
  • Travel with us to conferences to (a) record interviews and demos, and (b) take the time required to edit and upload the videos from the conference. (Attending a conference might be a series of 12-hour days, but we'll give you that time off the following week. :)
  • Be willing to learn everything there is to know about video, like lighting, audio, composition, etc.
  • Upload videos to our video hosting provider and maintain our backend content management system.
  • Assemble our various newsletters. (Basically we say we want a newsletter based on x, y, and z articles, and you put those into the template and upload it into our news delivery system)
  • Work with guests on our video show to make sure they have everything they need (test their connections ahead of time, practice with them, etc.)
  • Create the PowerPoints that Gabe and I use for our webcasts. (We'll give you an outline and you add photos and make it look good.)
  • Create banner ads for our upcoming events.
  • Maintain various areas of, including event links, etc.
  • Work with our product and sales staff to help answer questions for them about
  • Monitor the status of our RSS feeds, site traffic, etc., and share that information as needed with our sales and product folks.
  • Help us set up hardware and software for testing (box and unbox eval equipment, install test labs, etc.)
  • Collect articles from our various contributors and post them to and
  • Willingness to use a Mac. (Hopefully you're familiar already, but Gabe and I are both Mac people, as is all our video software)
  • Do the various website admin tasks for, like reporting spam, resetting passwords, etc.

We fully understand that there's probably not anyone out there who has experience with all of this stuff. We're really looking for someone with maybe a few years of IT experience who wants to learn more and who's smart. Even though you'll be working in the San Francisco office with me, I travel a lot (and Gabe lives in Nebraska) so you'll need to be able to work on your own. (The SF TechTarget office is a typical SF office.. It's in SOMA, bike-friendly, free soda, etc.)

We don't know the exact break-down of all these tasks. Really it depends on what's going on at any given time. (Like during and after Geek Week you might spend three solid weeks editing videos, then you might spend a week on our website, then a week at a conference, etc.) Actually we do know there will be probably 8-10 hours every week doing the article posting and newsletter creation. But the other 30 hours will be a random mix of all this and whatever else needs done.

To be clear, this is an assistant position to help free up Gabe and me so we can spend more time writing and recording videos. We're not looking for someone to write for us or to blog for us. (Maybe that's something we could discuss for a longer-term career path, but now we just need someone to help us with all the back-end work.) We're looking for someone who we can offload a lot of our tasks to so that Gabe and I can spend more time blogging. That said, this assistant position is a great opportunity for someone who really wants to learn our space, travel, and meet a lot of people from our industry. After a few years you'll understand a lot about desktop virtualization and the online media business and probably be able to take your career in one of many different directions.

Even though TechTarget is a $90mm company with something like 600 employees, Gabe and I treat it more like a "start up" culture in that we're sort of figuring out a lot of this as we go along. (So we have a new idea like Brian Madden TV... It's us who do the research and figure out how to connect the two of us together via the phone and record it and going to the audio store and buying cameras and basically doing everything we need to do to figure it out. This new position will be a big part of that.)

To apply for this job, please contact Jessica Keogh at Tell her that you're applying for the "Associate Multimedia Editor, Data Center and Virtualization Media Group" position. Hopefully we'll get someone hired by BriForum (where your first job will be to video record the DEMO Lab videos from our 30+ exhibitors).

Let us know if you have any questions, and we're looking forward to adding a third person to our team!

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Thanks for the job homies. :)