Gabe Knuth: Today is my last day at

Reflections on the last eleven years as an independent voice in the desktop virtualization community.

Eleven years ago when I came to, the world was a much different place. We covered Citrix and Microsoft almost exclusively, because at the time VMware didn't even have an EUC division. VDI didn't even exist, let alone the cloud (at least, not as we know it today). Over that span, we've covered a lot of important developments in the world of End User Computing, and we've watched it grow from what we once called Terminal Server into the incredibly huge beast that it is today. Looking back, it's crazy to see how much it’s changed!

We started a conference called BriForum that became the conference we wanted to attend, not the dog-and-pony show marketing events that comprised the vendor trade shows at the time. We broke new ground by using independent speakers and recording videos of each session. (One of my first tasks working here was assembling a DVD package containing all the past year's BriForum videos!) Vendor shows at the time didn't do either of these things, but over time they came around and made their shows more engaging. Even if we didn't force the change, I'm sure we made an impression.

(We even got to hold a BriForum GeekOut at Citrix Synergy, which for me was out of this world. A game show set that I built in my garage was being used on stage at an event I went to as a wide-eyed 20 year old kid in 1999, stealing beer from tables during the opening night party!)

We’ve covered mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies and mysterious vanishings, and plenty of products and technologies that have come and gone during my tenure. Type 1 client hypervisors were the next big thing…until they weren't. VMI was going to be VDI for Android, then Jack and I presented about it at BriForum and it sort of evaporated away without anyone noticing. Looking back at all the articles…we've seen a lot!

I'm reflecting on this as I write this article because, well, today is my last day at

One of the best parts of being here over the years was the ability to have a singular focus on a niche of IT that was off the radar of a lot of people, and as EUC has grown, that pencil-thin focus has become more of a broad brush stroke for me. Sitting atop EUC and watching all the vendors has been very fulfilling, but it's time for me to focus on a smaller area and dig deeply again.

I don't take moving on lightly. Brian, Jack, and I have spent the better parts of our careers building this site, and even as I leave we're formulating plans to help Jack keep everything running without missing a beat. Apart from not seeing my picture (with all the hair I had in 2012 when it was taken) next to an article, you shouldn't notice any significant changes.

While I enjoyed my time at and TechTarget, I'm looking forward to the next phase of my career and getting back into technology in a more hands-on way. I can't say where I'm going just yet, but I'm definitely staying in the industry. Stay tuned to my Twitter account, @GabeKnuth, or my LinkedIn page for more details in the next week or two. Even in my new role, I'll still be involved with the community, especially GeekOut 365 and TeamRGE.

Before signing off, I want to thank TechTarget for basically leaving us alone (in a good way!) after they acquired us in 2008. For many years, people had no idea that was a TechTarget site, and to us that meant that we were still doing our jobs. Of course, staying on our old web platform helped, but even when we switched to TechTarget’s platform due to the fact that we couldn’t find a single developer anywhere else in the world that could work on our original one, we didn’t change what we wrote about. To this day, remains a place where people in EUC can read and share their thoughts on what's interesting to them without the content being influenced by paying vendors, and TechTarget's management of us and the site is a big part of that.

Most importantly, I want to say thank you to all the readers, commenters, and attendees over the years. The fact that a few guys from Northeast Ohio can get thousands of people per day to read their blog for over ten years is humbling, and it's something I will miss very much. We're all in good hands with Jack, though, and you can bet will still be in my news feed.

See you at Synergy!

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OMG. Well, Gabe.. whatever happens to you, I know it will be awesome.. and "Company X" or "Endeavor X" will be lucky to have you. 

Your pulse and insight into the industry is unparalleled ... your ability to sniff out trends, and distill technical information into consumable chunks is amazeballs.

In short, you will be missed.. until we see you again.. which I personally hope is really soon.

-Jeremy Moskowitz, PolicyPak Software, Group Policy MVP
Wishing you all the best in you new endeavor Gabe!
Best wishes in your new endevour Gabe!
Gabe...thanks for all the great insights over the years.
See you at Synergy.