Friday Notebook, September 28: Citrix plans to resell Microsoft 365, become a CSP, and sell DaaS

Also: CloudJumper; Apple macOS Mojave and DEP security issues; Android Management API is out of beta; Fusion 11; all things Ignite; and more!

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Jack: Aaron Freimark and Russ Mohr talk iOS 12 - Podcast #136. Business as usual, except for Mojave privacy controls.

Kyle: Microsoft Ignite 2018 emphasizes security with 3 announcements. Microsoft announced new features for Microsoft Threat Protection, Secure Score, and password-less login this week.

Jack: Bam! Microsoft announces “Windows Virtual Desktop” on Azure with multi-user Windows 10. Here’s what Microsoft shared in their media prebriefing.

Jack: More thoughts on Windows Virtual Desktop: It’ll be useful for partners, and yes, it should be free! But will Microsoft allow other uses of multi-user Windows 10? And RDSH has to be on its way out, right?

Kyle/Jack: Intune Win32 app management & more EUC news from Microsoft Ignite 2018. Brad Anderson announced Win32 app management, Desktop Analytics, and new Autopilot capabilities during a Monday breakout session.

Jack: Microsoft’s responses to my questions about Windows Virtual Desktop. Officially, the use cases are still quite narrow.

More on Ignite

Well, it was a big week at Ignite. I’m a little disappointed that more of the sessions weren’t live-streamed, but next week we’re going to have some posts from Benny Tritsch and Tim Mangan. (Side note: I’ll be out of the office on vacation for the next week and a half, but I know we’re in good hands with Kyle and our contributors—I’m excited to read their articles when I return!)

Citrix announced an end-to-end DaaS service based on Windows Virtual Desktop. Citrix will become a Microsoft 365 reseller and a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, and Citrix DaaS will cover everything, including Azure compute resources. Citrix will leverage HDX and provide remote access and MFA, but otherwise, it’s amazing how much this sounds like a system integrator play. (Citrix also spent some time reassuring their own partners.)

Or for a more traditional approach, in a separate blog post Citrix detailed how they’ll be able to pull WVD into Citrix Workspace, and then wrap it in the rest of their portfolio—i.e. app layering, profile management, HDX, analytics, and so on. This is classic embrace and extend, but there’s more to talk about. For my part, I’ll save my thoughts for when I get back.

CloudJumper—the former Citrix partner turned “WaaS” provider—is also onboard for extending Windows Virtual Desktop and reselling Microsoft 365. This week they also announced a more streamlined version of their Cloud Workspace Management Suite, reducing the number of servers needed down to one.

Finally, just on Thursday, Workspot announced support for Windows Virtual Desktop, as well.

We wrote about some Intune and EUC-related announcements that came out in Brad Anderson’s general session on Monday—since then, Microsoft has posted a blog with more details, by Mayank Jain. This includes the new Intune Win32 app management capabilities, security baselines for Windows 10, Desktop Analytics, new Windows servicing options, and new Autopilot capabilities, among other Intune and SCCM updates.

Other industry news

Apple security got dinged a couple of times this week. First, there is a flaw in macOS Mojave’s new privacy system (the very same system that has been causing so much trouble for administrators). Second, Duo Security raised the issue of serial number spoofing in the Apple Device Enrollment Program. This should sound familiar, as Addigy raised similar concerns last month. Clearly, defense in depth is needed around DEP enrollment. For example, enrollment profiles shouldn’t contain anything sensitive, and company data or network access should only be pushed down after authenticating the user. However, this could be a bit more challenging for unattended kiosk devices.

The Android Management API—an Android MDM middleware service and agent provided by Google—is coming out of beta and expanding to support all AE use cases. This could be big, as it now provides the easiest way to do Android management.

Ivanti User Workspace Manager now supports Intune and Autopilot. (Via VMblog.) We like this!

VMware Workstation 15 and Fusion 11 are out. Like I said when we recently covered Parallels Desktop 14, use cases for client hypervisors are evolving. A few years back, companies might have considered them as a way to deal with Macs (by ignoring the host OS and tossing a Windows image at them), but now, native Mac management is expanding rapidly, and this includes VMware’s capabilities in Workspace One.

Salesforce and Apple announced a partnership to help ISVs and customers make better Salesforce clients for iOS. This looks similar to the IBM and SAP partnerships announced a few years back, so as I said back then, it’s pretty much business as usual.

Via ZDNet: “Walmart deploys 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to train its employees.” Virtual reality is a real part of EUC now.

Also when it comes to new-fangled interfaces, Microsoft announced a Cortana Skills Kit for the enterprise this week. It looks like Kyle may soon have to revisit his coverage of digital assistants in the enterprise.

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