Friday Notebook, September 27: Workspot funding; more integrations for BetterCloud

Also: iOS keyboard bug; Bromium; going passwordless with Microsoft; Safari 13; workspace portals; and more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: HP Inc. acquires Bromium. What’s next for the product line? Bromium anticipated some of today’s modern management trends, but we’re curious to hear about the roadmap under HP.

Kyle: When will we finally ditch passwords? Here’s Microsoft’s 4-step plan. Let’s be honest, passwords suck, and vendors are working to eliminate or reduce our reliance on them—what is Microsoft’s roadmap?

Kyle: Safari 13 brings WebAuthn and drops legacy browser extensions. You can finally use hardware security keys, plus Apple does what Google has tried to do with extensions.

Jack: VDI Like a Pro data: Most EUC shops are looking at workspace portals. It’s not just a buzzword—we have some context! 61% of those surveyed have adopted, are planning to adopt, or are investigating workspace portals.

Industry news

Workspot has raised $19 million in series D funding, and is reporting 318% growth for its cloud business in the last year. Their total funding is now $55.8 million. I caught up with Workspot CEO Amitabh Sinha, and I’m planning to write up my notes for an article soon. Amitabh said that they’re focusing more on large enterprise customers these days, and that many of these customers tend to land with greenfield cloud VDI/DaaS use cases, and then expand deployments to their existing VDI use cases.

BetterCloud announced 32 new SaaS app integrations, as well as a new catalog called the BetterCloud Integration Center to show them off. We had BetterCloud on the podcast back in May, and I’m pretty enthusiastic about what they do. In short, you can think of it like having Group Policy for all your SaaS apps. In May, they had about 10 integrations, so this is a significant achievement. The Integration Center will also have customer and partner-built integrations, which are a key part of their plans to scale. Also this week, BetterCloud announced a partnership with Dropbox, resulting in a custom product integration and Dropbox reselling BetterCloud, as well as planned console integration coming later.

Apple warned of a security issue with third-party keyboards, where keyboards that request full access (i.e., network access) may get access even if the user hasn’t actually granted it. Until this bug is fixed, remember that there are several safeguards and mitigations: Third-party keyboards aren’t used for secure text input fields, and apps can reject custom keyboards. And via MDM, Managed Open In restrictions can block user-installed keyboards from working with managed apps (source PDF).

As iOS 13.1 rolled out on Tuesday, the talk about User Enrollment, Customized Automated Device Enrollment, and Extensible SSO from last week (see here and here) continued. Here are a few more posts and demos that crossed my desk. It’s going to take a little while for everybody to figure everything out, but as I wrote, this is definitely a big deal.

VMware: What’s new in the Workspace ONE apps. We knew about many of these features, and some of them won’t be available for a while, but there are some new things in here, too. (In particular, I like the sound of the Siri Shortcuts.) Also there are new features in Workspace ONE Assist. Last, but not least, here’s what’s new in Horizon Cloud on Azure.

Microsoft Intune support for fully managed Android Enterprise devices is now GA.

Other reads, news, and notes

Handy quick explainer from The Verge: Here’s why so many apps are asking to use Bluetooth on iOS 13. This is one of the first signs of the tighter privacy protections in 13, and as a user, I like it!

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