Friday Notebook, October 27: Ivanti teases AppSense/RES integration roadmap

Also: Awingu; AirWatch with Dell laptops; AirWatch vs. Jamf; Bart Jacobs on Citrix’s enterprise focus; Facebook Workplace; Android updates; and SkyGiraffe.

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News we covered

Stratodesk NoTouch replaces the OS on any x86 thin client or PC, now works on Raspberry Pi. Stratodesk NoTouch is a Thin Client OS that will run on any x86 device from other thin client vendors. They've recently added Raspberry Pi support, which makes NoTouch unique in the industry.

Jamf keeps growing, riding Mac and iOS growth in the enterprise. There was apparently a stumble delivering Jamf Pro 10, and others want in on the action, but Jamf is doing great and up to 13,000 customers.

More industry news

Ivanti unveiled more of their plans for combining the technologies from their AppSense and RES acquisitions. While RES was primarily bought for the automation and identity management capabilities, there were some valuable workspace management features, too. They were careful to say that AppSense DesktopNow and RES ONE Workspace will both continue to exist as standalone products with no end of life plans, but at the same time Ivanti will be releasing a new product called Ivanti User Workspace Manager. The new product combines elements of both AppSense and RES platforms, and will be built with on-premises, private cloud, and eventually SaaS delivery models in mind.

We were introduced to Awingu, a company that makes a virtual appliance that deliver a workspace to end users that includes SaaS and legacy applications delivered via desktop virtualization, along with file shares. While that may not be earth-shattering, the fact that the appliance will translate RDP into HTML5 lets you modernize older RDS or XenApp 6.5-based environments without having to replace them. They’ve also added in some UX enhancements (think HopTo or Wyse PocketCloud) to make using desktop-based applications on mobile device browsers much easier.

Earlier this year, Dell and VMware announced a partnership (which is pretty easy to do when one owns a significant percentage of the other) that exposes hardware-based configurations from Dell devices to AirWatch, essentially letting AirWatch make changes to the BIOS of Dell PCs and laptops. This week, they announced that they’re adding zero-touch provisioning, whereby a device can be shipped from Dell with the AirWatch bits pre-installed so the end user simply has to log in to begin provisioning. It’s just a matter of time until all vendors do this, though whether or not all device vendors will work with all MDM platforms remains to be seen. Still, it’s cool to see productive collaboration between Dell and VMware.

On the same day as the Jamf Nation User Conference, AirWatch put out a blog post touting their own Mac management products and calling Jamf a legacy point product. As we covered, Jamf has continued to rack up a ton of growth, but clearly, AirWatch has them in their sight. This could get interesting.

Bart Jacobs wrote an interesting article on Carl Webster’s site about how the “enterprise focus” that Citrix spoke of while announcing their recent layoffs could have an effect on the small-medium business customers outside of the US. Bart, who is from Belgium, suggests that medium-sized businesses in the US would be considered large businesses in Europe, and that this new focus leaves out the 10-15 person companies that make up a lot of Citrix’s customers there.

Remember Facebook Workplace? It’s up to 30,000 customers, according to an interview published by Business Insider. We already liked the idea when it was first announced, but a lot of people still aren’t sure about it. A past conversation with one of the Facebook Workplace product managers was enlightening, though: Think about all the extended enterprise, hourly, and seasonal workers out there. These are employees that probably don’t work in an office or have a corporate email account, and for them, corporate communications could just be a notice tacked up on a break room bulletin board. Now imagine replacing that with a really well-developed collaboration and communication platforms, that requires no training—that’s a huge opportunity.

There are several Android updates to look at:

  • Android 8.1 is in preview, and includes chances to password autofilling.
  • Google is now offering bug bounties for third-party Android apps. (Via The Verge.) Here’s some context on other Google Play and Android security efforts.
  • Android “DNS over TLS” is a thing. It sounds cool. (Via XDA Developers.)

Rapid mobile app development vendor SkyGiraffe was acquired by ServiceNow. We saw VMware get into this space, in a way, with Workspace One Mobile Flows; one thing we’re curious about is where these projects sit within organizations.

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