Friday Notebook, October 20: Ron Oglesby will lead Citrix Communities

Also: VMware Horizon on Azure, Facebook screen sharing, Linux on DeX, MobileIron on OAuth and Exchange, and more!

This is our weekly log of everything that’s happened in the EUC, EMM, and desktop virtualization space, collected and co-written by Jack and Gabe.

News we covered

Jack: MobileIron CEO Barry Mainz out, CFO Simon Biddiscombe in. What does it mean? It appears to be a run of the mill belt tightening in the face of slowish growth—we haven’t heard anything otherwise.

Industry News

Along with the Citrix layoffs came some restructuring, and perhaps the most visible change from the community’s perspective is that Ron Oglesby is now in charge of Citrix Communities. Ron came to Citrix through the Unidesk acquisition, and the new role puts him in charge of the Citrix Technology Advocates, Citrix Technology Professionals, and the CUGC groups. This is great for everyone because Ron is, dare we say, a legendary persona in our space. With all those groups rolling up to him (including the CTP program, which is still managed by Paul Dobson and Perrine Crampton), Citrix’s community efforts are sure to become more visible, and the value of each of those programs has a strong community advocate at the helm. In fact, Ron was a founding member of the CTP program, and without the efforts of guys like Ron and Brian Madden, the CTP program never would have been founded in the first place.

VMware shared some technical information about Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Among the details are integration with Workspace ONE, their cloud-based management, and deployment information. Anyone interested should check it out.

The Samsung Developer Conference was this week in San Francisco. There was a lot about Bixby 2.0, consumer IoT, and the unifying SmartThings IoT cloud, but Samsung certainly has its eye on workplace and enterprise IoT, too. We’re still working out the exact nature of the EUC to IoT relationship, but in the meantime, all of Samsung’s work on Knox certainly has to be helpful. We also learned that Samsung DeX, the “nirvana phone” capabilities we reviewed earlier this year, will now also support full local Linux desktops (Ubuntu 16).

MobileIron took a deep look at iOS 11’s new support for OAuth 2.0 for Exchange Online (here and here). These articles talk about MobileIron products like Sentry, but there’s a lot of information that’s applicable to any EMM. The bottom line is that iOS 11 could have an effect on how you secure and manage email access if you are using (or thinking about moving to) Office 365 for email.

Apparently Citrix had it all wrong when they demonstrated Receiver for Facebook at a Synergy in Barcelona several years ago. At the time, they wanted to demonstrate the ability to connect to virtual desktops from Facebook, but it turns out Facebook users want to share their desktops with the world! Call it ahead of its time, or, more accurately, a missed opportunity for PortICA.

Apple has another big enterprise app partner—this time it’s GE. Ever since the IBM partnership back in 2014, these deals have be racking up. (See also SAP, Cisco, Deloitte, and Accenture.) It’s business as usual, and another sign of the times for enterprise mobility.

AirWatch announced support for Android enterprise on purpose-built devices.

Our blog posts

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