Friday Notebook, November 15: Jamf JNUC week; Blue Cedar; Project Treble progress

Also: The state of Android Enterprise; Microsoft Power Automate; FIDO in Safari for iOS; Chredge is coming; and more.

This is our weekly log of desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility, and end user computing news.

Our blog posts

Jack: Jason Bayton and Russ Mohr talk Android Enterprise – Podcast #144. With Android 10 out, we got together to talk AE adoption, the effects of work profiles, OS updates, and more.

Kyle: With robotic process automation, Microsoft Power Automate works with legacy apps. Microsoft continues to work on making it easier for organizations to bridge modern and legacy tools.

Jack: I’m at the Jamf Nation User Conference 2019: Here’s what I want to see. Jamf has a commanding lead in the Mac management space and is growing rapidly. What are the next steps in their strategy?

Jack: JNUC 2019 news and notes (Day 2 update). Jamf announced Jamf Connect for mobile, launched Jamf Protect, and showed off a lot more. Plus Apple confirmed that they’re a Jamf customer.

Kyle: An update on Chromium Edge: It’s coming soon. Will the enterprise use it? Lot of web browsers are now built on Chromium, but Edge might be the most well-known, non-Google example. But, will anyone use it?

Industry news

Mobile app management and security vendor Blue Cedar has announced their Accelerator for Microsoft Intune. What this does is it takes the Intune MAM SDK and automatically integrates it into enterprise and custom apps. (i.e., this is what we used to call app wrapping; just remember you can’t do this to publicly distributed apps.) Most recently, we looked at Blue Cedar’s Accelerator for BlackBerry, which is a similar concept; head back to that article for more context.

Safari in iOS 13.3 will support NFC, USB, and Lightning security keys, finally. This follows macOS Catalina enabling security key support after it being a feature in preview. iOS 13.3 is currently in beta and might go live sometime next month.

A few weeks ago (somehow I missed it), Google shared some metrics on Project Treble, an effort that aims to enable device makers to push out Android updates faster. The results? Android 9 (Pie) was adopted more than twice as fast as Android 8 (Oreo). The post also mentioned Dynamic System Updates and Project Mainline, if you’re not familiar. This is relevant for the podcast I did with Jason and Russ (see the link above.)

A few more Ignite-related announcements that didn’t make it into our previous coverage crossed my desk this week:

Other reads, news, and notes

VMware has introduced an Android Enterprise work profile adoption kit. Also relevant for the podcast!

Get ready for Citrix Synergy 2020! The 2019 conference season may still be winding down, but Citrix has started blogging about Synergy, which is in Orlando from May 19 to 21.

At JNUC, I learned about the “SSO Wall of Shame” for SaaS vendors that charge extra for this. Related, Intello, the folks who introduced me to this, also have a list called “Friends of SSO,” which, as you can guess, is for SaaS apps that include it for free.

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