Friday Notebook, November 1: Workspace ONE Intelligence Automation Connector; Dark Mode and UEM

Also: macOS in the enterprise; password vaulting; ad blockers; everything we know about MSIX app attach; EUC Masters Retreat dates; and more.

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Our blog posts

Jack: macOS Catalina is here – Let’s look at the state of Macs in the enterprise. Employee experience is one of the more recent enterprise Mac drivers, but the underlying momentum has been building for years.

Kyle: How to go passwordless if not all your apps support modern authentication standards. We want to eliminate passwords ASAP, unfortunately, some older apps can stand in the way of progress—thankfully, some identity providers devised solutions.

Jack: All about the Citrix Chrome Transformation Assessment program – Podcast #143 (Special Edition). Citrix Consulting is working with Chrome Enterprise to help get customers on Chrome OS. We talk about Chrome Enterprise, use cases, and this program. This episode is sponsored by Chrome Enterprise.

Kyle: Is it acceptable to use ad blockers in the enterprise? I (Kyle) am a fan of ad blockers, but realize that might be a tad hypocritical given where some revenue for media is generated.

Industry news

You’re probably already aware, but Microsoft Ignite and VMworld 2019 Europe are both kicking off next week. Kyle and I (Jack) are covering both of them remotely. Related:

  • Christiaan Brinkhoff published a guide to WVD and MSIX app attach sessions.
  • Also very useful going into the show, Bas van Kaam published a list of everything we know about MSIX app attach.

VMware got a jump on some news, announcing the Workspace ONE Intelligence Automation Connector on Thursday. This is designed to take events inside Intelligence and push them out to other platforms, which ingest them via REST API. This, combined with all the automation features VMware has been building in, is another powerful step into making workspace management into a platform. Kyle covered Workspace ONE Intelligence updates from VMworld U.S.; we’ll see what else comes up next week.

The Intune Company Portal for iOS now supports Dark Mode. Personally, I used to think Dark Mode was an over-hyped fad, but I’ve come around and I like switching back and forth. In iOS, I added the Dark Mode toggle to Control Center, and on macOS, I created an Automator app to switch between modes, which I just run from Spotlight. I joked about Intune’s Dark Mode support on Twitter, but in all seriousness, this is something that all UEM vendors should support in their apps. Simply put, it’s something that users like, and all the UEMs are all about employee experience now, so this should be enough of a reason to do it. It’s even possible for websites to read the Dark Mode status of the system (try Twitter).

What’s new in Citrix Workspace for October. Noted: Citrix Managed Desktop will now let customers bring their own Azure subscription.

Other reads, news, and notes

Brian Madden (the person) on zero trust.

The 2019 Samsung Developer Conference was this week. We haven’t had a chance to dig in yet, but there was a lot of enterprise and security content in the day 2 keynote. It’s in our queue for a full review. For context, here’s our report from the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference, and Samsung’s plans to expand Knox.

In our overview of macOS in the enterprise this week, we noted that Microsoft partnered with Jamf for advanced management capabilities. But of course Intune offers its own macOS features, as well. They’re still focusing on the basics, but you can get an overview in this recent post from Microsoft’s Mayunk Jain.

HP is continuing its push into services with a new offering called HP Adaptive Device Management. This is going to involve Microsoft Desktop Analytics, Microsoft 365, and DXC, as well as some HP tools, and will be available for Windows 10 devices next year.

Mark your calendars: Steve Greenberg tweeted that the next EUC Masters Retreat will run April 17-19, 2020, in Scottsdale, Arizona. While I’ve never been myself before, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the event, and it’s always great to go to non-vendor events, so I’m planning to be there.

Have you ever wanted to read the administrator guides for spyware from the NSO Group? Somebody put some of their documents about Pegasus online. (PDF.)

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